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What is a microbusiness?

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The term 'micro-business' (also known as micro-enterprise) is defined in many different ways but, for the purposes of having more for less, it will be operated by a sole operator or family - as distinct from a corporation. The strict definition is not important; suffice to say it's the smallest level of enterprise.

Micro-business occupies a special place in my affections. Aside from having owned and operated several of them, I trained with the Sirolli Institute - and worked - as an Enterprise Facilitator in a small rural community. I was also self- employed as a small business development consultant for nearly eight years...so I understand this enterprise niche and the people who occupy it.

At its most fundamental level, it consists of a person with something to sell...seeking people who have a need for that something...in return for cash, goods or the provision of a service (the means of exchange).

One of the best ways to advance your personal financial circumstances is to start and operate your own micro-business.

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