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I was suposed to start my theoretical course/training today 🐝  https://www.thebeeman.no/eng.html

I gave my fosterson the course as a 40years birthday present, and to do it together

Then new local covid19 restrictions put it on hold :growl:  hopefully not for to long :confused: 

more to come.........🍯


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Hi again

So the adventure started with my first class yesterday, after only a 14 days delay :thumbsu:

Fascinating stuff getting in to the, bee -colony -biology -lifecycle. But what a load of rules, laws, regulations, one have to learn and comply with, way beyond those of any other livestock  :startle:

I'w not decided yet, wether to get my first hive(s), this year or next year.  My original plan was next year, but after yesterdays class, I might jump in this year, if the right colony is available at the "right price"  before the end of May 🤞 

Anyways I'm happy to 🐝 on the way for now.


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We keep native bees...called sugarbag bees locally.  They are stingless and much smaller than a commercial honey bee.  We keep them just for their pollinating...and we try to keep the purple flowers which are said to attract them to the available nectar.  While the hives can be split...and may even yield a little bit of high quality honey...you can ljust leave them alone to manage themselves.



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