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Ph Levels, somewhat of a new system

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Hello, first time here, just came upon this site, it's great!

Have a new system about 4 weeks old.

So, I need to bring down my Ammonia level as well as bring up my PH. My PH is around 5.1, and ammonia at 2.7. I have a 80 gallon tank. I was told to use calcium chloride to bring down my ammonia level, but how much to add is my question? 

2nd question: I was told to use potassium hydroxide and calcium hyroxide ( hydrated lime) mix 50/50 to control ph level. How much to add to a 80 gallon tank? cheers and thanks

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Hi GGore and welcome to APN,

I wouldn't do anything yet.

We do need a few more details.

What type of filtration do you have, e.g. how big is your grow bed and what is your media?

What is the tank temperature

what are your Nitrites reading?

What are your Nitrates?

Do you have any plants in your system?

What is your water source pH?

Do you have any fish, what type are they and how many do you have?


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