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Compostimg Worms

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I love composting worms,

There are several types around, tiger and red wrigglers that come to mind. In my neck of the woods tigers used to be ok to get hold of but now days it seems red wrigglers are by far the most common. I found both castings and the fluid which can be collected once passed through a plastic worm farm have been useful but castings are the thing, they are very nice to have in your garden.

I tend to veer away from using manure to compost but have found they do like vege scraps. The things they do not like are citrus, garlic or any of that family, onions etc They work well in temps about 22-24 C when it gets very hot and you have a can of worms like I have or similar you must make sure you water the outside of the container regularly as if you don't you will cook your worms. They do not work well in colder climates either the further below 22C the less efficient they become. I've had the ambient temps down towards the 0C and they are not keen on that around 6 - 9 C they just go slow.

My farm is packed up and not working atm but I'll get back into it sometime.


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Arguably, one of the best foods for composting worms is what's left after black soldier fly larvae have worked their way through it.  It apparently retains something like 50% of the original protein levels of the what fed to them.  The best feed for BSF larvae is pig or cow manure. 

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