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Is Aquaponics the Right Choice?

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Written back in 2018, the article contains the usual mix of assumptions and opinions...and it's written from a clear Permaculture perspective.

It's quite possible that the most important part of the article is the question posed in the title..."Is Aquaponics the Right Choice?"

In responding to the question, I'd say that it depends on many things...not the least of which, is what one means when one uses the term 'aquaponics'.

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I don't know about others but the food from my aquaponics tastes very good. 

I like the article, it emphasizes a question I've been asking myself and others for a while now and that's the one about fishfood, for an aquaponics system  It also emphasizes another question I've had for years and that's the one of the amount of plastic, fiberglass, metal or combination of all used in a system.

Even in an urban environment, aquaponics may not be the right choice for people. It is for me because I like keeping fish, but if people are not at home all the time to keep an eye on things than gardening without fish is a better choice.

So" is aquaponics the right choice?"


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My biases are just chafing at the bit to get out.

Something like a standalone recirculating system that is easier and more cost-effective to build than an RAS.

Something like an aquaponics system...but easier and cheaper to build and operate than an AP system.

Something like a hydroponics system...but able to produce clean fresh ORGANIC food - unlike an hydroponic system.

Something like those methods....but more productive, resilient and sustainable than recirculating aquaculture, aquaponics and hydroponics.

Something like iAVs Sandgardening, perhaps?

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