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Every Thing Old is New Again.

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My name is Gary Donaldson.  I'm not a new member,  In fact, I was the co-owner - and the first or second member - of what was called Aquaponics HQ when it first came into being in 2007.

In 2013, after six years at the helm, I gifted the forum (rebadged as Aquaponics Nation) to Kellen Weissenbach.  While I persistd as a member for some time, I eventually wandered off to address other priorities.

Seven years later...and time-poor...Kellen decided to offer APN back to me. 

Long story short, it took about three days for me to decide that my old forum still occupied a place in my heart and so I agreed terms with Kellen...and moved back in.

Since I was last here in any substantial way, I have started (and stopped) another discussion forurm - and I've operated several Facebook sites.  While Facebook has its use, it's not great for the discussion and presentation of technical information.  It also attracts the bottom end of the gene pool.

It is with that experience behind me, that I've returned to see if we can breathe some life back into this old space...particularly given the amount of my life (and that of many others) is invested in its content.

The interests that I bring include:

  • Waste Transformation Farming...the categorisation and application of organic wastes in farming.
  • iAVs Sandgardening...an expanded approach to the Integrated Aqua-Vegeculture System.
  • Tiny Houses...I live in one - and I aspire to become self-sufficient (off-grid) in terms of energy use and other utilities.
  • Making and Designing...as a way to acquire the means of exchange.
  • Microbusiness.

While APHQ/Nation was always a broad church in terms of what we discussed (some of our biggest threads are about Japanese quail for meat and eggs, for example), that focus will be formalised...with a change of name...to www.growsearchDOTcom.

For practical purposes, the focus will be less on aquaponics (although that will continue to be part of what we do here) and more on self-reliance through simple living.

While the site will continue to be a discussion forum, there will be a greater focus on it becoming a learning and demonstration centre.

PS...those who are noting the frequency of the edits to which my initial posts are subject, may not be familiar with the keystrokes to create a new paragraph in Facebook (Command+Return).  In this application, that combination saves and publishes the post...hence the stop/start nature of some of my initial posts this time out.

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7 hours ago, GaryD said:

You're a shady looking character, Aufin.  What do you have to say for yourself?😉

Not much.  Just hanging around watching the world go to $ hit.  Enjoying my sandbeds, working just enough to keep mama happy and out of her way, and reading the forums wondering why anyone starting down the AP path would opt for any of the high maintenance systems when iAVs is so simple.  I'm sure they have their reasons.


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