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We have been facing an issue at our setup related to tomato plants that we have been growing at our setup. The issue is that the leaves of the tomato plants start to curl down and stay that way and the plants are not producing fruits instead they grow taller and taller with a relatively narrower stem compared to the height of the plant. The fresh leaves are straight though but they start to curl down after some time. 
These tomatoes are grown alongside bell pepper. the water temperature is 15-18 degree Celsius. the ammonia levels range between 1-1.5 and sometimes 2. the pH ranges between 7-8. the nitrates remain 100-200 ppm range while the nitrites remain less than 10. The fish that we have been raising along is Nile Tilapia. Two of these plants are planted in media bed while the one is in NFT, but same results. The plants are kept indoor with grow lights, but the grow lights don't cover the whole plant. The plants receive a little sunlight during some part of the day as well. The plants are more than 120 days old now. 

Tomato leaves 1 (2).jpeg

Tomato leaves 1 (3).jpeg

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Hi Awais,

I'm thinking all those readings seem a little high.

A few questions.

Do you have enough fish in the system? How many do you have?

How old is your system? Is it fully cycled?

Now let's have a look at your filtration.

How much fish tanks water do you have? How much media filtration do you have? What is the media filtration? Do you have any other filtration? If so, what is it?

Once we have established that your filtration is good and steady we can look at ways of bringing those numbers down.

The pH is a little high for growing tomatoes and it's a little high for running an aquaponics system. It should be 6.2 - 6.6 or there about. No use looking at that until we have established your system is steady. When we have established that then we can look at ways to slowly bring it down, but, if it is consistently that high we first need to look at why it is that high, by looking at the type of media and the results of the water source before you add it.


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