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I'm relay stuck trying to identify this little inmate in my aquarium. it was found in a local store and was free to me as they couldn't tell me what it was it was me or they would of euthanized 

I understand the risk of getting something you don't know nothing about and I'm ready to move it as soon as I need to to another tank 




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1 hour ago, ande said:


I think you have to post some pics taken out of the aquarium , showing the cray in sharp details, for anyone to be able to help you.

This  https://f.nordiskemedier.dk/2gt07amola9p2rca.pdf might be of help ?


thank you I know pic are bad unfortunately thay one problem I cant fix I have never been able to take a good pic ever I'm the porson that cut heads off ppl or my finger in the pic lol 

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