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What is the best growing system/s?

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Hi everyone,

When I first started aquaponics I was happy to find I could grow vegetables and fish using a symbiotic relationship between the two. In my uneducated way I was thinking this was starting to be one of the best ways to grow things. I can say now, I question that thought. Is it????  

So here's some questions I'd like to throw out to people and get their thoughts.

  • Is there any one particular best system?
  • Do you need multiple different system to make your food production the best?
  • What knowledge do you need to have to run a system?
  • What's the cost of setting up a system?
  • What's the cost of running a system?
  • Do you need to be around the system all the time to cater for things to keep it running, are you tied to the system or can you go on holidays?
  • How successful will the system be?

My answer is aquaponics is not the best single system.

If I want to go on holidays then the fish become problematical so in this instance maybe just having a home vege patch is the best system, maybe a hydroponics system is better, maybe a wicking bed setup with a way to make the reservoir fill up on it's own added.

So there are a few of my thoughts. What do others think?


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