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I am looking to buy a pump, my aquaponics system will be a split flow system using a 1500L fish tank that is 85 cm tall, the pump will be placed Iin the sump tank, 2 meters away from the fish, water wil be pumped to 1 grow bed above the sump and to the fish. What are reliable pump brands? what pumps could handle this load? What pumps are best value for money?

Your imput is much apreciated

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Hi Jason

Welcome to APN/HQ

There are so many variations on flow design, so it's impossible to point at one specific pump type/brand.  In principle you need a pump that can circulate the entire tank volume in 1-2 hours. So you need a pump that can move minimum 1500 l/h accounted for your designs  headloss.

There is a lot of discussions on the matter in "old" threads that might be helpful to read thru like these :








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