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Bigdaddy's iAVs

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Hi everyone,

I have started my iVAs with on a completely blank canvas. I thought I'd post my journey in some sort of chronicle order and maybe give some ideas for those who may be thinking about a system and/or for those who already have systems.

I feel good planning is the key to building. I have spent many hours thinking sketching measuring and using whatever else I have at my disposal.

My aim is to build and run the most efficient, productive system I can, making the beat use use of the space I have.

I have several challenges. Below is a list which is not conclusive. I can break down these items to further explain but will not for now.

  • Cost
  • Looks
  • Very small backyard
  • Suburban living
  • Weather
  • Maintenance
  • Time

My backyard measures 4.8 metres by 5.0 metres

Here are some pics from the the start.

  1. The original side with my beloved citrus trees with the left side 2 sitting on the slab where my air conditioner originally was.
  2. My new pergola.
  3.  The original rainwater tank
  4. New slimline rainwater tank and system ready to be re plumbed and reinstalled.
  5. Air conditioner and rainwater tank installed around the side out of the way where noise and size will be minimized.
  6. My original line of thinking about a small iAVs system.
  7. Another view of my original backyard, this time to the back fence with the back garden removed.
  8. A more current view of pic 1, backyard opened up with all the screening up and roof addition to pergola.

More to come.



My original backyard 05017.jpg

Pergola 12018.jpg

Original rainwater tank 1218.jpg

New rainwater tank 1218.jpg

Rainwatertank and aircond around the side. 0319.jpg

Initial thoughts 1218.jpg

My original backyard.jpg

Backyard opened up fullyscreened and roofed addition on pergolla 0320.jpg

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Hi everyone,

Some more pics of my new backyard setup.

  1. All grass and dirt up and out, road base in, reo mesh and storm water set up ready for concreting. 
  2. Concrete down, channel drains down, vibrator in ready to compact the base.
  3. 600 x 600 x 30 granite pavers going down.
  4. A snapshot of how my back and side corner will look with the fake grass down. I can put my fish tank and grow bed here with a nice drain built in to the set up if I wish.
  5. Chanel drains up and out and granite going all the way to the back fence, a much better look.








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