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Aquaponic system 2 year old system

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So i am worried I may have to change my grow bed size. Right now I’m using a ibc tote for the fish, the water leaves through a bulkhead fitting in the side, to a 4x 8 foot grow bed, this grow bed is the one in question. It’s 4x 8 but 4 inches deep. I’m running it continuous flood to drain now bell syphon (worries it’s to shallow to do) then it goes to a small 40 gallon res from there it is then pumped back up to a grow tray on top of the ibc tote before draining back to the ibc tote. The total plants is now 4 cucumber, 4 pepper , 38ish lettuce. 
my main question is should I change my grow bed to a deeper one (7 inch) with a bell siphon or should I just add a filter to my existing system, (or is the need for a filter outweighed by my plant ammount)

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Some pictures. Changing out the grow bed to a 6 by 3 by 7 inch deep, got one for free from a friend and since the new baby can’t be spending a lot! But here’s some pics



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