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Bigdaddy's sustainable energy for his home.

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Hi folks,

In South Australia we have some of the most expensive electricity in the world with most people earning on or just above minimum income and our many pensioners living below the poverty line so paying for electricity is fast or has become a major concern for many.

Our state no longer has enough of it's own power generation capabilities to remain continually functional on it's own, this means we have to rely on other states providing electricity for us when we can not produce enough. This is done via what is known as the national power grid, a somewhat complex power sharing infrastructure, in which power is introduced by people who produce more than they require and distributed to those who need it at a cost. The costs vary depending on numerous factors, but in the end, because of our needs, we (us the consumer in S.A.) are left paying a lot of money for electricity. 

Our climate ranges from mild nasty winters at times to very hot summers at times. We also have a lot of beautiful weather in between. With electricity prices expected to soar yet again, I've decided to invest in some sustainable energy for my home. Over the last 12 - 18 months I've installed solar panels and now, over the last couple of weeks, battery storage for my home. Our States geographical location is ideally suited to solar electricity generation and storage. My house faces South/North which is ideal natural heating and cooling. I also have no shade concerns. All and more are considerations when deciding to go with solar power generation.

My previous winter, electricity bill topped around $790.00 per 1/4 or 3 months, compared to (by memory) $340.00 with my solar panels on. My first bill with solar panels on dropped from around $720.00  around $90.00.

Now with my battery storage system I am hoping to knock out my power bill and electricity connection cost all together. I am hoping the payback of the whole system will be under 5 years, time will tell I guess.

Pic 1: Battery around the back, out of the way, under my solar panel inverter

Pic 2: My services out the front. Gas supply underneath, electricity in the middle and battery gateway on top with the NBN connection on the side.





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