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I am looking at a property to purchase that has a very large Aquaponics facility that is %75 complete all the equipment is new never used. It looks like a first class operation but i know very little about aquaponics. It looks to be about 96' x 50' aproximately. All the beds are in and many of the pumps tanks and plumbing is in this is a commercial type setup. How hard is it to learn about aquaponic farming and how time intensive is the operation from what I have seen on youtube it looks pretty time consuming? Is there a profit to be made doing this? 

I am looking at the property to buy because of the land but I am not sure if I want to try aquaponics or just sell off the equipment. I was told by the realestate agent selling the property the man had $300,000.00 invested but he passed away before the project was complete. Is there a market for the equipment? Would a person be able to lease it to someone else to run? I am not sure what I would do if I bought this land.

Sorry for all the dumb questions.

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Hi Gundog

Welcome to APN/HQ

To answer your Q's, you have to provide more details/pics type of setup "brand-names" etc.also what part(s) of the system is missing (25%) but I'll try to give a "general" answer.

17 hours ago, Gundog said:

How hard is it to learn about aquaponic farming and how time intensive is the operation

Not hard, if you are dedicated and are genuinely interested, experience and/or basic knowledge  in either agri- aqua- culture or both would help.

Time intensity will vary with "season".  Keeping livestock will tie up some time on a daily basis, no matter how much you automat the system.  

18 hours ago, Gundog said:

Is there a profit to be made doing this? 

It could be, however it deepens on numerous factors. The upside for you is the $300.000 invested (if it is put in a "good" system you can use?)

You have to figure out how much more you need to invest to get it up and running. The cost of the remaining 25% does not necessary mean another $100.000 it could be more/less, pluss the cost of your own training time and fees?

Water budget is the most important part, can you get enough ? any restrictions on supply ? 

Access to market is vital (distances & demands) ,also what can you grow in your climate? indoors/outdoors/heating/cooling/lighting etc.......?

Regulations ? restrictions ? on fish species, supply of fish................. the list is long, there are a few threads on the subject worth reading.  

https://wsg.washington.edu/wacoast/meetings/June-2016/Handout-Overview of State and Federal Aquaculture Requirements.pdf   

18 hours ago, Gundog said:

Is there a market for the equipment? Would a person be able to lease it to someone else to run?

Short answer to both is yes.

No such thing as dumb Q's so don't worry



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I believe most of all the equipment is on site but the %75 is what is done already but not knowing anything about it it is hard to tell. All the long tanks are in and plumbed the 4 big round fish tanks are in and plumbed. There are a bunch of pumps and valves in with all the piping. 2 - 200 Amp main panels are in I don't think the pumps are wired yet but I have done electric work for over 30 years so I would do that. There are many other tanks I am not sure what there function is. This is all built with commercial tanks no IBC totes. Here is a picture I copied off the real estate site. The tanks in the background I am not sure what they are for what you can't see is the 4 big fish tanks and another big tank burred near the fish tanks. There is a shop building full of more equipment to finish it.


I am not sure if the picture is view-able or not. My location is near a very large population within 20 miles of Portland, OR. I don't think selling the produce would be hard I am not sure what the demand is for farm raised fish since we have access to a lot of wild fish in the Pacific Northwest.


Green house picture.webp

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Hi again Gundog

I downloaded the file but couldn't see any thing (wouldn't open)

Could it be a Nelson & Pade system ?https://aquaponics.com/aquaponic-systems/commercial-systems-3/ see if you can recognize it

See if you can identify any brand names on the pics you got, if it is a commercial system the vendor might also offer support 



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Hi again 

Got it, it's a DWC system UVI style built on site. It can be used for either aquaponic or hydroponic so you don't have to use fish to run it.

here is a description of what you got https://www.uvi.edu/files/documents/Research_and_Public_Service/WRRI/UVIAquaponicSystem.pdf

From the pics it looks like it's nicely built so does the green house. 

here is some more info




I would contact the local agricultural extension office https://extension.wsu.edu have a chat and ask their opinion 


You might get some pro/con thoughts and ideas by plowing thru this thread 


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Thank you for taking the time to put this information together it is very interesting. I am not looking for a full time job in AP and that is the reality. I run a business now and only looked at this property for the space and shop building with the house. The AP facility just happens to be there and is of zero value to me unless I can either sell it or lease it to someone who would like to run it. Right now I am seeing it as a liability that needs to be ran or removed and I am not sure I want to do that. The price of the property with the house giving no value to the AP facility is a little high but it has been on the market for a long time and is being sold as an estate I could make an offer that makes sense to me.

Your valuable information about running it as a business makes me realize how time consuming a venture this would be and I have no experience as a farmer or AP at all. I believe I could learn but I am almost 60 and getting ready to retire and travel I don't see anyway to do that with this operating in my back yard unless someone else is running it.

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