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I just had to harvest some rowan berries ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rowan ) as the trees are really  full of them around here, this year.


They are really bitter and need to be frozen before use to release the sugar content .

So I washed/cleaned them and got total 2,8kg berries for the freezer.


Then I got on the net to find some recipes on how to make rowan jelly 

more to come 


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Hi again

So I picked another +5kg badge for the freezer. Most recipes I found, recommended a mix with apples do to the bitterness of pure rowan jelly  so that was the next step. First pick some apples and make juice7A6473F3-ADFB-4C21-9127-C2CBFFCC6995.thumb.jpeg.ae877b7a89aaee803f55b00fa47a7976.jpeg  

tossed the apple juice in the freezer, next step pick up the frozen rowanberry and make rowan juice84A852E6-8B24-4BE3-844D-35967C3CDD14.thumb.jpeg.e3182d81dabe7d1c22c69b6633509787.jpeg


Then I went on with the actual jelly production I decided to make two different. One pure rowan, and one 50/50 mix rowan/apple and true enough the mix is indeed a sweeter jelly (but still bitter)


I'm very happy with the final results both taste great0F1CD175-7BBC-40AC-8615-C1BFAFBE8616_1_201_a.thumb.jpeg.d44a1e33b198a51ee4d0c19159bb5677.jpegD4E45819-99A6-446B-9810-A1E4EEEF1B85.thumb.jpeg.0de2ce40647d0644d9d69998878c5756.jpeg 


 I still have 4litre pure juice left in freezer, so I can make more jelly when needed, and also ended up drying a good lot of the rowan berries as well


All in all very pleased with the harvest and final products


On 9/23/2019 at 10:55 AM, Toga said:

Hi Ande, 

Thats really interesting regarding bitterness and freezing to release the sugar content.

I use the same method on brussel sprouts, if harvested in summer/fall, before we have had a few frost nights. I always toss them in the freezer over night to sweeten them before use







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Hehe I see I got those pictures in a odd sequence

I'll add that before proceeding to make the jelly, I did a test run as I'w never made jelly before.


The test badge was made of mint picked in the garden, turned out really nice as well and boosted my confidence to make the rowan jelly





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