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Help with new IAVs system in Vietnam

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Hi Toga,

A) Is the drain located in the centre ?

Yes, in the centre of growbed
B) Do you have a stand pipe / strainer raising a little from the bottom ? If so, How high is it from bottom ?

No, I don't have stand pipe
C) Can you describe in a little more detail how you made / setup the standpipe / strainer and/or how you prevent the sand from draining into the fish tank ?

I use plastic membrance as picture in bottom and next is biger sand - gravel. I don't  size of gravel, about 5 kg each tank, and next is my sand


plastic membrance.jpg

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Hi Toga,

A) Instead of only 1 hose outlet pumping into grow bed, perhaps increase this to 3 or 4 outlets.

I will open outlet wider, it have valve for I adjust water flow
C) Instead of 6 minute pump cycles, increase this to 20mins On / 60mins Off... or more.

I will increase the cycles to 20 mins on/ 60 mins off , 10 times / day

D) Keep fish feeding to a minimum whilst mortality continue.

I already decrease feeding.

I make all test for all three tank, please open my attach file

Couple of picture for my mortarily 81844401_190909fishdie.thumb.jpg.6f40f839749d29999a418b72573ed49c.jpg




Monitoring LH model A.xlsx

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Hi Tam,

I assume you put a ball valve on because the water was stirring up the sand on top to much ? So you turn it down a little ?
I note you also put some material on top of sand to prevent it stirring up.

The water flow needs to be maximum. Open the valve completely.
If you put a "T" piece on the outlet hose it will:
a) Minimise sand disturbance
b) Divert the water into 2 directions
c) Push the water across the sand (Not down into it)
d) Even water flow through a maximum surface area

I am not familiar with that test kit brand.
Do you have a friend with his own test kits ?
It would be advisable to do some tests using a different kit.
Test liquids can become inaccurate as they age.
The same brand is OK... we are looking to check the accuracy of the results your kit.


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