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Aquaponic and Hydroponic mix system

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I made an "hybrid" system that joins aquaponic and hydroponic systems together. I plane to grow some little vegetables but Im not sure if I must put some nutrients in water to properly feed the plants... does anybody have this "mix" system? For example, I think that aquaponic system does not produce iron...

Thks for help!


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Hi again Ricardo

14 hours ago, RicardoGouveia said:

I made an "hybrid" system that joins aquaponic and hydroponic systems together.

You'w got me a little confused with the above statement ? Any/all aquaponic systems, contain a hydroponic  system of some sort(s)  That is Aquaponics pr definition  " Aquaculture + hydroponic ".

If you by "hybrid" mean that they can be run separately from each other, that is a good thing and not uncommon.

That gives you the opportunity, to easy isolate the fish/plant -sides, from each other for treatment if/when needed.

If you by "hybrid" mean multiple type growing systems, that is fairly common at hobby level and you'll find many member systems of that kind posted here on APN/HQ. 

As for lack of plant nutrients from the fish waste, please read the full fact sheet (pdf/link)   

This quote is taken from the aquaponics factsheet :  http://www.aquaponic.com.au/Fish to plant ratios.pdf 

The Rakocy approach was determined by taking a look at how aquaponic systems work. Rakocy quickly determined that fish feed contains the essential mixture of nutrients required for the healthy and maximised growth of the fish, but that fish have different nutrient requirements to plants.

The key factors in this difference are:

  1. Fish do not require any where near the level of two main nutrients that plants do (Potassium – K, and Calcium – Ca).

  2. Fish metabolism relies on large proportions or quantities of protein that fish utilise via metabolic pathways that convert this protein into energy. The major waste products after this metabolism are Nitrogen (N) and Phosphorous (P).

  3. Fish do not need the same level of other key macro-nutrients that plants do (Sulphur – S, Magnesium – Mg and Iron – Fe, to name a few).

The outcome, and what Rakocy determined, is that plants require a different mixture of nutrients than what fish feed contains and therefore, a method was required to account for this.



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