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Equipment Questions?

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Hi chris 

Welcome to APN/HQ

Trafic is slow here these days, however you can easily find old answers to the Q's you ask by reading thru old posts in particular the Q/A section or the member system section.

This doc/pdf https://www.aquaponic.com.au/Media beds and design.pdf describes in detail your Q#1. 

From here: https://www.aquaponic.com.au/fact sheets.htm


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Hi Chris, and welcome tp APN.

Did you make any decision on what you are doing?

To answer your question in laymans terms if your media is gravel, expanded clay or the like then a 1:1 fish ank to gro bed ratio would work or if you are looking at iAVs then a 1 fish tank to 2 grow bed size would be best.

Off course you can get techical and go into the FCR etc but a lot more perameters need to be determined for that and aquaculture people on this forum would be the best to ask abouT that.

Regarding a sump, this depends on how much grow bed and what media you are using or you may not even need to use a sump. I've done it both ways sucessfully.

The lighting depends on the climate around the fish tank and grow beds. e.g. Are you planning for indoor use? or outside, what periods of sunshine do you have in the winter and summer and so forth.

So where are you at right now?


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