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IBC aquaponics and rain

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Hello! I have an aquaponic system in a IBC. In winter, in my country rains a lot and my aquaponic system is uncover. Does anyone have an ibc system without a shelter? Because I think that with rain the fish tank will overflow..

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Hi Ricardo

Any kind of fishtanks should have some sort of overflow piping mounted at a set maximum water level, the excess water should be directed to a dedicated area.  In most european countries there is specific regulations regarding the handling of aquaculture drain water, however a single 1000liter tank will most often be such a small volume so the ordinary sewage may be used. 

Then there is the water quality changes  in your fish tank to consider, the rainwater might be "good", thing but that will depend on the quality. Rainwater can be very polluted depending on location, also it can alter the temperatur rapidly in such small tank.

Finally you have to think about safety . Fish might be preyed upon by birds, dogs, cats, mink  ............... and more important fish is attracting to kids, that might fall in and drown.

Some sort of lid is almost a must, for all the above reasons IMO it will also create shade/cover, which the fish prefer, prevent/reduce alga growth and temp fluctuations during day/night hours

We have a real cool Portugise member thread that you might like here enjoy 



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Hi Ricardo and welcome to APN,

Yes, overflows are important, covers are also useful.

I'm no 168 in that very helpful PDF Ande posted.

I found the trick is to use fittings that are adequate but easy and cheap to find.

I'd be interested to see your progress.

Please post plenty of pics of your build in the build section so we can see your system.

Looking forward to watching your progress.



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