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Hola from California

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Hello all - I'm not new to aquaponics at all. However new to having a system near completion. So i have a normal urban backyard and my wife has limited me on locations, so I've got my corner of  the yard and here it is. My system is nearly 100% automated besides feeding my fish and turtles.  It auto drains and fills, the water drained goes to my growbeds and then have a float valve to refill. I absolutely love dense over stocking and I know what can happen. However i like the ecoaystem design. Got about 100 fish in the tank - minnows, goldfish, koi, crayfish, turtles, and ramshorn. 3 turtles 1 full size res, and 2 small res.

Im gonna start a youtube channel on my system because i think its fun,  and will also probably cook since my family says i do it well.


All typos I blame on my phone. 



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