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Mark from Visalia, CA

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Not new to the concept of Aquaponics, but new to having a complete system. I currently have a thousand gallon tank and 100 gallon grow bed, as growing food out of the tank isn't completely my goal, having the huge biofilter was important too me. My main goal is just to grow tons of food in my backyard, and front yard while keeping it looking pleasant. It has changed quite a bit since that picture shown, I'm gonna start a youtube channel and kinda show my journey building out my system. However, it's too hard to stay consistent with all that. I like talking about this stuff and reading other posts and commenting, so I thought I'd join up and check everyone else system out in the process.


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Hi Markymark

Welcome to APN/HQ.  The forum has been a bit quiet lately.  I guess that's how it is on most forums these days, the traffic comes in waves.

It is more likely you get comments on your system, if you post it in the "members systems" forum (add link to your youtube channel)  A lot of members never visit/read posts in the "welcome wagon" so your system may go undetected a long time here. 



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