Solar-Powered Aquaponic-and-Hydroponic System For Sale

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-- UPDATE -- Solar-Powered Aquaponic-Hydroponic PARTS - FOR SALE

Disassembly In Progress - I'm currently DISMANTLING my Custom-Designed, Ken-Built, Solar-Powered Aquaponics & Hydroponics Fish-And-Food System and SELLING THE INDIVIDUAL COMPONENTS.

It was designed to be modular and has already been taken apart and moved once ((from the back patio to the new greenhouse)) and everything except the 4'x4'x4' 400-gallon fish tank can be removed from the greenhouse and transported anywhere you want to take it for re-assembly and operation. NOTICE:

This system will occupy a 16'x10'x10' space (greenhouse) and can run 24 hours/day off sunlight supplying you with more fish (Tilapia) and vegetables than two people can eat. And, yes, it's perfect for growing cannabis REALLY FAST too. Initial asking price is $500 for everything..

If seriously interested, call me 817-944-7373 or email or send me a Private Message on FB.  As I take it apart I am saving some of the major components and bundling them up for easy transport and re-assembly. - If you enjoy DIY projects, this might be just what you need.

View photos of the system in my Album (( SOLAR-POWERED AQUAPONIC-AND-HYDROPONIC SYSTEM..."))


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