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deep water culture aquaponics

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Hi amarnanibharat,

If DWC is the way you want to go then properly designed filtration is the key IMO.

I'd connect each one of your rows up by having a drain in each tub going to a single drain then running the single drain to the end of the row then a single drain for each row draining to a media bed filter at a minimum, then run the media bed filter to the fish tank. If you can or will add more or better filtration then your system will have a higher chance of success

One other question. How do you plan on growing your plants in your rafts?


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Rafts are easy, cut small x in 1/2 styrofoam place seed inside x cut.. push toothpick thru side of x cut so root can follow to water. Seed will sprout rather quickly and the toothpick will need to be changed to popsicle stick so plant does not choke out from foam crushing it.

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