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African Dwarf Frog and Guppies in my Tank?

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I'm new to aquaponics.  I got a tiny, 5 gallon, kitchen counter tank, so it barely counts by the standards here but... I need help. I love the idea and can definitely see myself becoming a serious aquaponics person since I already grow all kinds of food.  I did not start with the suggested betta in my tank.  Instead I got two guppies, a couple of mystery snails and an African dwarf frog.  They seem happy so far, but I have been feeding the frog (and the fish until my plants are putting down roots) and I wonder if I'm going to run into problems with dirty water if I have to feed the frog for his lifetime.  If I don't he may try to eat the fish.  My questions are: 1. is this a workable aquaponics ecosystem and 2. given the frog and feeding, will I need to do some water changes?

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