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New to this forum...been doing aquaponics for several years experimenting with different tanks...locations..gradually getting bigger...putting the fish under the house and running under lights in the winter then back outside for warm weather. This year I put the fish in an IBC tote and planted my tomatoes and a couple of loofas very late in the season as I was waiting for a second hand system made its way here..(taking months) So once all the tanks and equipment arrive I started adding things and changing from fountain pumps to one pump to run it all...it has been interesting..so now I finally have it working pretty well...after having erecting a grenhouse around it all and continuing on into the winter...(I tend to use what I can scrounge up)...so here I am...looking forward to stealing ides from yall! lol





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Hi again

2 hours ago, brushhippie said:

Thanks...it appears this forum is dead as well.


Well I don't think it's dead, but it is like most other forums effected by various "new" social media platforms   

I do belive you get faster responses on questions, if you put in some "key words" in the heading of a thread, and choose the "proper" forum section to post in, So to attract other forum members with the same interests, to your post. 

We have a lot of members from across the world, with various experience and knowledge to share, however there is a huge difference in climate, laws, regulations, codes...etc.

So if you for instance put in your State, city and/or climate zone in your profile it's so much easier to identify with your specific circumstances, and thereby come up with a relevante answer or suggestion. When you list USA as your location, all it tells me is that you are in anything from a arctic to a tropic climate zone, and I have no ideas wich regulatory regime you work under as they differ from state to state.  Same goes with your preference of aquatic species, plants, indoors, outdoors.............etc.

Some members will only read posts made in specific under forums, that adhere to their interest experience , and knowledge. Also there is a lot of "old" posts, Q/A and a downloads page for you to harvest from, whilst awaiting engagement in your posts.

Good luck ahead


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No offense..I am the caretaker of two member supported forums that have steadily lost members to fazebook..not sure why I thought this would be different..anyhow thanks for the welcome..I like forums myself..wealth of info.

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