Aquaponics at the end?

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Hello all,

I have experienced that the replies on all forums are very limited (not only here) and this gives me the feeling that many enthusiasts have given up their systems or running it on low fuel meaning that its just there behind the house, equipment broke down, worn out or the system has never been started as it supposed to be.

Is this only my opinion or do others experience the same thing. May be other forums are still active but this and another one is in my eyes the biggest and most informative in the www.

So why its getting everywhere quiet? 


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Hi Willroy,

It is very common, like the Earth tides.
There are many reasons, from family commitments, work, illness, moved house, simple exhaustion from overload....

I myself am only just bouncing back after 2 strokes & 14 months of illness.


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Hi Joe

I hope all is good and you recover well. 

This post is not meaning to this form but its in general in all forums related to aquaponics the same phenomenon. They are silent and almost any news comes up. I had the feeling that many did not continue after they might have some downfall, invested for nothing and so on.

Aquaponics is serious work and it is often mentioned it demands almost no time. It demands as much time as your common house garden and also you need to upkeep your equipment and livestock. Pumps are not made forever and off cause all 2-3 years the old one is worn out and needs a new one while a shuffle and spade does with for 10 years and longer.

I don't see much enthusiasm anymore in the forums, people are not posting anymore about their systems. I have just made the plan to knock down my pipe system and build a 9m long deep-water grow bed. That was also a lesson learned, the pump fails over night and not when you stand aside of it and your salad is dead in 2-3 hrs. We had some restarts with plants and came now to the conclusion, that can better.

For many might such experiences have been the end of the path but a word to all. New things need development before they work and sometimes it is just better to give something up and start all over again.

That was before and when I return from my offshore job it will be taken apart and... see below


this will be the new step after our lessons are learned. 

Plan and measurements.png

..and there were Crayfish all over the place, another lesson learned so my wife went to the hydraulic shop and made a first idea to stop these little Bastrds escaping through every filter an pump. 50 micron catcher will do it ;-). That is the idea of a 6 years Thai school and her growing love to the aquaponics. A little rice farmer's daughter doesn't give up and I am proud of her. (Using paintbox was my idea as auto-cad would nobody understand in my family) 


Last word: Don't give up, the future is in your backyard, needs just a bit more development. 



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Hi WillroyG

Welcome to APN/HQ (a bit late :redface: )

I think there is a lot of "old" backyard  AP systems just humming along. 

The owners often quit posting/participate, as their systems are built/established, and they have nothing "new" to show or need for assist. 

Some have also either moved on to other type social media groups, or found a "new" section in their "local" (old) gardening forum called AP/HP.  

When I signed up here, there was no such "AP section" in the local (national) gardening forums, nor any AP/HP forums, now there is both, they all have experienced members/growers, with "local knowledge" (that's  important/useful) ,and in your respective native language

I belive that has a big impact on new recruits (members) , and also plays in a bit, with "old members" ?

Any how this is not the first time this Q have been raised, we have a few old threads on the theme here

Nice system(s) you have, and good luck with your new builds


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Cheers ande,

I have put a lot of work already into it and the challenge is still on. But the maintenance and the fruits are by now mainly in my wife's hand.

I am spending a lot of time working offshore to cover the financial side for my for 2020 planned commercial systems (see my post under commercial aquaponics). So I do not touch my pension savings. 10000 sqm is a lot of investment to do and I want to be prepared.    

But since start of our backyard system my Thai wife is loving this and I am barely allowed to touch HER plants and veggies. But when it comes to engineering its my call, she googles and I build.

Therefore I gets sometime treated by some nice dinner like Thai Style Red Claw Crayfish.. But also these gourmet treats are mostly cooked and eaten with her friends and family when I enjoy some usual food on the ship.  


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