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2020 the year for above 10000 square meter on Auntie's Land

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we are planning after more than 5 years of trials, ups and downs, lessons learned , buffalo stomping through the greenhouse and developing a taste bud for red claw crayfish plus investing above 20.000 USD for the trial system (was well worth it, just to mention we had made a commercial system without this)  to go commercial building a 10000 sqm greenhouse incl 12000 sqm outside area.

Still there have been a few things answered by doing, but still the "i believe that is the right thing to do" is covered in doubts like "why nobody did this before.

First I think you want to see pictures?

here you go:


That was early 2015, I tried to explain my wife and her family whats all about modern farming. Lots of laughing, not believing faces and the Palm Tree !!! NO WAY that thing should be cut off !!        So I had to engineer (I am one with a hydroponic farming history in the Netherlands) my pipes around that bloody tree... 2 Buckets with Red Claw Crayfish were waiting that the water get filtered. Hence, wrong start at all. 

60 (1).jpg

middle 2015 a lightning struck that bloody Palm tree and killed it instantly.. The first redesign was made because the static around the palm tree was just always going out of shape.. Here we end up with almost not controllable values, was it ammonium or nitrate, ph level and algae growth and clogged filters, pipes, pumps and and and.. name it we been there.


end 2015 til mid 2016. My wife and her Auntie became addicted and Google is also in Thailand a good thing to burn money when you have Aquaponics questions. Both challenged me to make this and that In total 4 Upgrades: Ebb flood grow beds, a 4 filter system, grow up buckets, 2 more fish tanks as the crayfish population started to increase drastically. Meanwhile I started to let the Crays join our monthly BBQ Party and also Salad and Co were growing as mad. So beside my wife and her Auntie also some Nephews and Nieces joined that game and Google brought in more suggestions.


End 2016: The crayfish made not enough dirt to get all plants fed and they were so lonely on the BBQ. We needed Tilapia to add more variety on the Grill. IBC Cubes for 20$ a go were just the most budget friendly investment since a long time.


2017 Thailands sun is a killer and so the shading roofs had to be implemented for a better harvest and because of the fact that Chilies and Tomatoes are a main dish in Thailand which kept hopping out of the pipes and ebb flow beds filled with clay pellets, a Dutch bucket system had to be built.


Done end of 2017: Just to find out that....


Black tomatoes are only on the seed pack black... 


But the crayfish did well and a set of 20 aquariums had to be built and because the backyard was stuffed my office desk had to be moved and a part of the living room became a Sea-world.

Last Picture: Where to go with all the poo? We tried our Bananas and a Vine called in Thailand Chicken Flower. Bang on. People looking for Lucky Lottery Numbers in the HUGE Banana Trees and wedding couples making Photos under the Flowers for good luck.. 




Enough is enough: Auntie showed us her land and after we realized she has a huge plot that plan continues: The Commercial System is now a daily part of my engineering tasks when bad weather days keep me off my real job. That will be 2020 the target. 

C.H.O.P_AP System Modified Last Stand 35m grow beds incl suggestions for outside plus calulations.png

100m x 80m greenhouse and also a copious outside grow area with all the family loves to have.. Bangkok is close and there is a good market for BIO products. 

Now my first question built on an experience we made by accident:   The Red Claw Crays are everywhere and for the commercial System we want to raise them beside Tilapia right into the grow beds. The reason is we had some rafts floating in the fish tanks and against our fear they will rampage the roots of the plants they did well as free labor. They maintained the roots by clipping out every rotten piece and stimulated the growth of any plant. 

So why nobody ever tried to grow the Red Claws directly in the deep water grow beds? It will be a cheap labor, more harvest of Crays and bigger sizes as well.

The poo has to be removed to avoid root rot. This will be the next step in our Trial System: First we scrap the Pipes as they are just trouble makers prone to clog and when we have a power cut the plants get "sad"  with hanging leaves in minutes. The pipes will be exchanged by grow beds (with crayfish under the rafts) and in the center of the sloped grow bed we will make a pipe with holes to suck form time to time the poo (and small fry) off. 

Calculation 5mm hole spacing for solits removal.png 


I am looking forward for comments: bad or good all are helpful.


Cheers all for reading..




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Hi Willroy,

Sorry for my delayed reply.

I am really loving what you have done, and are planning to do.

I do however apologise that I can not get a more detailed reply and some questions to you for a couple of days.


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