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Hello my name is Johnny with Plum Nuts Farms

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I have done a lot of DWC and Aeroponic systems with great success. I have done a ton of research on Aquaponics and have wanted to try it for years. Well I am making the leap. In design phase now but want to have a system up and running before the end of the year. Any help and suggestions are GREATLY appreciated. I look forward to having a lot of fun with this. I will post pics as we build and setup.

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Hi Johnny and welcome to APN,

When you are ready, flick over to the aquaponics systems section and let's know what your thoughts are.

There are a several different ways to have a growing system, ranging from an iAVs to the less efficient and somewhat bastardized media filled growbed systems.

Enjoy the journey.


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Hi Johnny,

I have started over 5 years ago with a trial system and also learned a lot of lessons. Check my  post. I have still 2 years more before I am going fully commercial and still there are many questions like.

Growing fish is "just" breaking even,,  waste management,,,  Deepwater Grow beds, making them deeper as usual and grow red claw crayfish in them... fruit trees in huge dutch buckets... swapping tropical seeds from other countries might create a market niece...  and so on and on... 

Also I am looking for more answers which I think to know, but may be they are just not right.. 


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