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Mark McMurtry

Thanks to those who have provided support

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I take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the following individuals for donating their support in my time of total loss and continuing turmoil.


Medhi Isharti, Chelsea Freeman, Khalid Sherif, Mathias Olson, Mike Haigh, Ed Weideman, Jiaoni Chen, and Michael Turkle, … of the names that I recognize in conjunction with iAVs/APN. (my apology to any that have not been recognized).




I can’t help but observe that certain individuals who have most directly and substantially benefited from my personal mentoring/time/patience/tolerance are notably absent from this list.   No matter how one chooses to ‘define’ the contrived, contorted, nonsensical, (and IMO, obscene) term ‘aquaponics’, gratitude, reciprocity, integrity, fact (reality), fidelity to and respect for truth remain virtually absent in the AP-verse - with rare exceptions.  


I live (for decades) in constant unaddressed physical pain due to multiple degenerative orthopedic and neurological ‘issues’, yet more ‘painful’ still is what I perceive to be the calloused disregard, hostility toward, perversion of and serial mutilation of my life’s work (intended gift to humanity). 


A genuine gift cannot be given, it must be accepted and acknowledged.  I gratefully acknowledge and accept the gifts offered by the individuals named above.  Thank you.


Winter came early here and is now literally on my doorstep (which I no longer have). Raw survival is my new reality.  Endurance is literally moment by moment, up until the point where I can’t.  Attempting to come to terms with the likelihood that I will never again experience comfort or a sense of security again - much less to have a home again -  is both debilitating and terrifying.  


Note that I shall not be responding to platitudes or other verbiage.  Only tangible action is of any actual consequence … to me … NTM for/to anyone else regardless of the alleged subject.

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