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Hello from Berryton, Kansas

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Hey all,

   My name is Travis and I haven't done much of anything with aquaponics besides start cantaloupe seeds in my 20 gal fish tank. Admittedly that was purely an accident from giving my fish a snack with a few seeds in it... ha! I have been looking into this for several years now and am currently working on a business plan for a company I have named Felon2Farmer. The concept goes beyond aquaponics but it does play a majority part in the proposed operation. I am currently stuck on the financials aspect mostly because everywhere I look at models it tells you how many heads of lettuce you can harvest from each set up but I'm not sure how to convert those numbers to other produce. i.e. tomatoes, peppers, watermelon, etc. If anyone has any tips on how to figure that up it would be greatly appreciated. TIA.


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Hi Travis

Welcome to APN/HQ

Exciting operation you are taking on  :thumbsu:  I wish you the best of luck on this journey 

There is numbers on tomato yield to fine in studie/doc. #5 in this post 

Also you should ask the Q's in separate posts, some forum members never read the welcome wagon forum, but will likely read posts with the theme (questions) adressed in the post headings 


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