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After cleaning fish in the 100s at a time camp, I tried the "brain spike" method after watching some videos.   If you're just doing a few , say 10 or less at a time,  it's probably a good way to do it.   The spine and thus spinal cord of tilapia is so close to top of the head, that a good quality cleaning knife cuts though it in about the same amount of time as the spike does anyway, so I quit trying to do it.    I've seen other members use clove oil.  I've used ice.  It slows down their movements, as well as slows down any spoilage while cleaning.  Downside is your fingers get very cold.

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On 14.5.2018 at 2:28 PM, FoxWoodRunFarm said:

Hi all - I was curious what method you use to dispatch your fish, when the time comes. I have been reading on the iki Jime (probably spelled wrong) method. Or, the simple 'brain spike.' That seems to me more humane than just wanging them on the head... 


Thanks in advance.


I use a stick (club) and/or, if I can easily hold the fish in one hand, I might just slam the head against an edge, to knock it out. 

Then I use the knife(s) or scissor, to bleed it out immediately, and follow thru with the gutting & cleaning as quick as possible. 

My favorite tools for the job used for years is a "EKA swing blade" fish gutt/filet knife , "Fiskars" fish scissor , and a "Glee" fish filet knife (sharp cutting edge on point and both sides) all tools that are relative cheap to buy.

Propper good tools is more than half the job IMO




@toga made some nice how to posts, some years back, here 

 and for those not familiar with the ikijime method

here  http://www.ikijime.com a lot of good info there



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