How was summer in the land down under?

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We are going into spring up here in the northern hemisphere as you are going into fall. Just curious what your summer was like. Above average temps, or below? Precipitation above or below? 

Just like the last few years our spring doesn't want to come. Below average temps and some places are getting record spring snowfalls. 



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Hi Cecil,

I don't know how it was statistically but I live down in South Australia which typically has a mediterranean climate...I reckon this year we did have a couple of hot ones...40C ish 104F and maybe a bit dry overall in comparison to other years but I didn't think it turned out particularly hot. I do remember saying we had a bit more rain than normal. Summer may have started out that way but finished a bit dry...

Right now, we are and have been experiencing glorious weather Max 20C-30C 68F-86F during the days but could do with some rain. (At night please:) )

I wonder how others winters and summers faired?


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