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Hello, I am a newbie to aquaponics.  I live in Beulah, Colorado.  I look forward to learning about aquaponics.

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Hi jojo

Welcome to APN/HQ

I copied a Q from you in another thread so to not go off topic in that thread.

You should maybe start a new thread in members system posting Q's related to it in given thread.

14 hours ago, jojo81023 said:

Hello Bigdaddy and Camic,

I am a newbie.  I have a 5 gallon aquarium with 1 beta, 3 minnows, 1  sucker fish, 1 tetra, and 2 crabs.  I bought a dishpan today and hope to cut the holes needed to start aquaponics indoors.  I do not have the media yet.  I thought I would order online the clay balls.   I wanted to grow cannabis at first.  I have been watching you tube on aquaponics, and am interested in trying it out. 

I started in the forum to learn about aquaponics.  Can you direct me on what to read first to get started, or just start from the top and read it all?

Thank you for your help


We have had a few discussions on cannabis growing, on the forum earlier,  here is what I found using the search function on the matter


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