Attempts at capture of mink unsuccessful

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First saw this large mink come out from under a pier while walking the dog after the dog discovered his scent under the pier and started nosing around. Unfortunately was helpless to do anything about it as the gun was in the house. Watched him swim the length of a pond and disappear. 

Started setting traps and it's been like the cartoon the Willey Coyote and the Road Runner. Bait taken, trap not tripped. Bait gone and trap tripped with no mink. And one of the latest a live trap apparently trapped the mink but he chewed his way out. We are talking steel wire here! 

You can see in the photo where he left some of his fur. To the left and down is an opening created by chewing and bending the wire that cage is made of. Not shown to the left of that is an outward bulge created by the mink. 

This is one mean character to chew through metal!

Latest saga is when he came running out of a burn pile I started burning. I thought I was ready for him as I brought out the shotgun just in case he came running out from under the pile as I set it a blaze. Sure enough it happened while I was distracted lightng the pile in strong winds. However the shotgun was not really close as I didn't want it to get burned. By the time I got to the gun and drew a bead on the animal is was half way across the pond on the ice and I only succeeded to blow hole in the pier!
He proceeded to go into a drain tile that was blocked on the other end. Sure thing now right? Set a trap at the opening and he had to go through it right? Came back the next day and the trap was tripped with no mink ... again!
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It's -6 F. today (-21.1 C.) this morning and the snow cover is not showing any mink activity nor are there any hits on the new "cubby" traps I built and baited with salmon. Maybe too cold for even mink to move?

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