Established and Profitable Tilapia Hatchery For Sale (Missouri, USA)

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White Brook Tilapia Farm is for Sale!

After a decade of successful business, we have decided it is time to work towards simplifying a bit, and to begin the process of looking for a new steward for White Brook Tilapia Farm.  Don’t worry, we intend to continue normal operations until we find a suitable person or entity to take over, so orders will not be impacted in any way, and the phones will still be answered by a helpful friendly voice when you need us.  Bottom line is we’re here for you, and that commitment is not changing.  We have thoroughly enjoyed this venture, and boy has the time flown by.  It has been an enormous blessing having the opportunity to meet so many fantastic people, and the friendships we have made through our involvement in the aquaculture and aquaponics communities will last a lifetime.  It’s just time for us to start winding down some of our commitments, so we can focus more specifically on others - including family, friends, other business and farm commitments, and maybe a little more leisure time (we’ll see about that last one). 

Assets included in the sale:
1.    All related branding, the domain name, logos and e-commerce website.  Optionally, we have several additional tilapia and aquaculture domain names available as well. 
2.    Our entire inventory of tilapia breeders.  This includes all 5 strains that we manage and sell.  In total, probably about 230 breeders. 
3.    About 100 aquariums consisting of 40 gallon breeders, 55 gallon standards and 75 gallon standards all drilled with bulkhead fittings for centralized filtration.  Also numerous smaller nursery tanks and holding tanks.
4.    Hatchery equipment – McDonald style hatching jars, UV sterilizers, pumps, filters, etc.
5.    Established retail customer base – Existing clientele and sales.
6.    Established drop ship customer base – We drop ship fish for some other companies as well.
7.    Vendor and supplier lists – We’ve already done the legwork of finding reliable low cost suppliers for shipping supplies, heavily discounted shipping rates, etc.
8.    Training on how to properly handle, prepare and package live fish for transport.
9.    Disease free inspection certificate (required for legal shipping of live tilapia in the US).
10.    Non-competition agreement – We will no longer breed tilapia fingerlings to sell once the sale of the business assets are finalized and paid for.

Please contact us at regarding asking price, or to request further details.

Best Wishes,
Kellen Weissenbach

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Thanks Gary.  We really hate to give up the hatchery, but I have been burning the candle at both ends for many years, and it's time to simplify things.  My biggest concern is finding someone who will run it well and enjoy it and benefit from it as much as we have.  This will also eventually free up some time for me to dedicate a lot more attention to some other AP and iAVS projects I've been wanting to do for a very long time, and allow me to spend a lot more time on the forum. :)




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Hi Gary,

We've had several people inquire about the business, but nothing too serious as of yet.  We have been pretty busy at the hatchery, so we haven't really actively promoted its availability, other than a few posts here and there, that we made several months back. :)

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I guess it's a fairly specialised business, too...and that may impact its sales potential.

Good luck with it, anyway.



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