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My plan consists of two 275 gallon totes elevated on concrete blocks. Use one tote per day alternating days to avoid the use of chemicals to remove chlorine. Alternating days with the vat will also allow the water to warm up as needed. One 300 gallon grow out vat stocked with coppernose bluegill. The grow out vat will have two large sponge filters to keep the water oxygenated and provide mechanical and biological filtration. I can't decide whether to do a center drain with a small pump on the perimeter to keep waste moving towards the drain or simply siphon out the waste weekly. The drain will run to irrigation piping and will be used to water some fruit trees. The goal is to stock fingerlings at the first of March and harvest in late November. I make my own fish food that contains roughly 44% protein and 16% fat consisting of whole menhaden meal, menhaden oil, wheat flour, spirulina to boost the fish's auto immune system, kelp, paprika and cayenne pepper.

General thoughts on how well this will work?

How many coppernose bluegill can I stock and how much growth can I expect in nine months?

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Wow my apologies. I just saw this post. Not sure how I missed it. I'm sure it's too late but here goes:

How large are the sponge filters?  I personally would recommend a separate moving bed filter which self cleans itself as I can see a sponge filter getting clogged and less effective even with the air.  But I could be wrong. From my experience having a filter right in with the fish is asking for clogging. Center drain is good the less labor the better. However any time you have a pump in the fish water you run the risk of not removing waste as efficiently as gravity. 

Coppernose bluegills may only be 6 or 7 inches by November if they aren't all males. Is that big enough? 

Can't comment on the homemade feed as I have no experience there. Prefer to use commercial feed that I know has all the vitamins and minerals and is convenient. 

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