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I just love the fall,walking in the forest is like the best delicatesse marked place, this time a year.:bow:

I hardly ever come home empty handed, but some days is special found this cauliflower mushroom a few days back, rear to me only found 3 of those earlyer :thumbsu:



also picked a nice litle load of other mushroom varieties


Last month I found two nice chaga


And it's all sort of "bonus" stuff picked or collected, when taking a walk or a hunting trip, more or less in my back yard

Got this guy today 2017-10-16_14-41-04_299.jpg




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Yes indeed, I do have a lovely back yard, a bit odd how one have to become "older" before reallizing or discover the ovious right in front of you, I guess one just take such for granted when younger ?

3 hours ago, bigdaddy said:

Looks like you have a lovely back yard Ande,

What's Chaga?

I just found a nice website on chaga here

I just discovered Chaga my selefe fairly recently (ignorance on my part) even if I'w seen them in the forrest for as long as I can remember

I posted when and how I learned about it here 

I'w since harwested plenty and given alot away, to people that need/use it, but can't aford it, for medical purposes (cancer)



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Found another one, last week :D


Took me 2 hours to clean it propperly :hot:


But it was a nice load to parboil :rock:



End product 1,2 kg for the freezer



A really nice flavour full mushroom yum yum :jig:



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