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MrDave Who I Is....hello all

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WHO I IS     {Grin}
Dave Mainwaring Occasionally a Internet contact will ask: Who are you? Good question:)

Spent my summers late 1940's through 1960's sailing/racing small boats out of Wollaston and Quincy Yacht clubs.
Graduated North Quincy High School (1955) Quincy, MA.
Graduated Wentworth Institute, Boston, MA 1959
       Assoc degree Industrial Electricity
Graduated University of Mass, Amherst. (1960 – 1963) Grad
      BS Psychology
Served in the Coast Guard
    shore duty; Captain Of Port Boston, Port Security
    sea duty;USCG Cutter Evergreen. Petty Officer Second Class

Met my wife at Camp Annisquam, Gloucester MA, while sailing master.

Worked in radio broadcasting for a couple of years.
Sold for 3M electrical products umpteen years.
In 1995 I entered the Printing and Publishing world by launching the Computer To Plate Pressroom CTTP.com  Managing Director PrintPlanet.com  davesforms.com

Retired 2008
currentyl Managing Director: Dave Mainwaring's Knowledge Network
of my hobby sites:
www.mainone.com   https://mainzoneknowledgenetwork.blogspot.com/

"The beautiful thing about learning is
nobody can take it away from you.”   B.B. King

I have been building and facilitating Knowledge on-line discussions groups for many years.
I you want to learn join a group of experts in the subject.

I'm retired on Hospice and discover the world of hydroponics

I'm seeking Newbe help.

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