Fall Goat Breeding Season is quickly approaching!

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We do a lot of stuff besides just aquaponics and aquaculture at the farm.  One of those things we do is maintain a herd of about 20-30 goats (primarily meat goat breeds).

Our two purebred AKGA registered Kiko herd sires for Fall breeding season will be JAW GUSTO (white) and MKG 38-15 ZEUS (black). Gusto is about 4 years old and tips the scales at nearly 300 pounds.  Zeus is a little over 2 years old now and about 230 pounds, and will probably end up at about 300 as well, once fully grown. They're in full rut and ready to go right now, but they still have to wait about a month until the ladies are ready for them. Can't wait to see the kids they produce. They should be some really good ones!  We'll have a lot of them too since most of our does twin every year.  We could have up to about 30-40 kids in the spring.  Always fun! :)

JAW Gusto pic 2.JPG


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Hi Kellen,

Wow!....300lbs is a lot of goat meat on the hoof.  

When I think of meat goat breeds, the Boer usually comes to mind.  How does the Kiko compare with the Boer?

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