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Hello from Nigeria,

Having started with Land (dirt) farming about five months ago and in searching for information on better farming techniques I came across aquaponics.

Am interested starting a small system, maybe mini commercial to learn and understand it and then grow to a profitable commercial business.

Any information, pictures/sketches on piping/system set up, best method to plant cucumber, pepper, carrot and lettuce for commercial will be appreciated.

Thanks all 

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Hi Nsidibe

Welcome to APN/HQ

If you plan to go commercial I suggest you plow thru these threads for a starter.




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To Dr. Mark, the good some times is ignored by those who wants financial profit from it because of it's simplicity and benefit to the greater masses. You have brought knowledge and innovation on how to feed people in need.

Gary, your posts have been most informative.

I've been out hunting for materials to start my iAVs, it's funny how you suddenly realize what you thought as simple as sand, no dealer in my area understands about sand content. All they know is this is sharp sand for building and this is sand for plastering (you choose how you want to use it) mainly from local river divers and small dredgers- will do the 5 gallon bucket test

Am starting with a 1000 liter IBC fish tank and 2 sand grow beds of 16'L X 4'W X 1'H each

I've not been able to source a timer and amazon won't send it because it to small to meet their export size, so the pump will be operated and timed manually until am able to get one. Sourcing a pump was also a big challenge

I intend to slightly tilt the IBC in the ground to give a semblance of curved base since I can't find a conical based tank as recommended

Am planting pepper, cucumber and lettuce

Am using catfish that's commonly found here, nobody seems to have tilapia

I intend to share my experience so people especially in Nigeria can pick interest

Please I'll need suggestions and guidance from all especially from Dr. Mark, Gary and Vkn     

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Hi Nsidibe and welcome to APN, and the addiction.

I would advise you to start on a small backyard system first and learn how to drive it, once you have (I found there is a steep learning curve involved) then expand it bit by bit. Then if you are successful at that read up and invest in gaining commercial knowledge (It's a completely different ball game including but not excluding other things such as rock solid business plans, larger investment, risk and more). Once you have that knowledge then maybe look at doing it commercially, be it small or large.

Meanwhile, I look forward to seeing your progress on your "starter system" and wish you all the best.

Feel free to start your own thread (we love pics) of your build in the Aquaponics Systems section when you are ready.


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