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Importance of Property Lease, or Ownership

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Well, better now then later. The property owner doesnt want a hoop house here.

So my plans are in stasis. Until I find another.

Meanwhile I am going to clear my present tanks, and just store them in place, a half dozen large aquaria, in use and another half dozen smaller in storage.  The larger job is the garage/shop which is full of equipment, lumber and green wood. Its all going to be a serious moving job.

I bring all this up to underscore the importance of owning or having a good lease. The owner knew and accepted when I came that I had a lot of aquaria, and shop equipment. But the plans for a hoop house are not doable, they want a flower bed in that area. 

Words to the wise, either own your work site, or have a good lease.

The one bright spot is that there are a lot of empty places around here, so my search begins now. And it will have a good lease specifically discussing aquaponics, and shop work.


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