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Latest Update on Trout that were hatched 12/16

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They are running 7 to 9 inches.  Went down to the pond with a fly rod and caught 4 brook trout (Savelinus fontinalis) and 2 tiger trout  (Salmo trutta X Salvelinus fontinalis) to check on growth. I have about 700 in the pond that are feeding like gangbusters twice a day. There are brown trout present but didn't catch any. Probably because it was a bright sunny day and brown trout are notorious for preferring low light conditions. Also more difficult to catch than the aforementioned species. 

That means the largest ones are growing about 1.5 inches a month which is max growth for trout according to one text I have. That means I could have 15 inch trout by fall and not even a year old yet. no doubt my water temp is a big factor as it tops out in the upper 50's to very low 60's which is at the top end of trout metabolism. A diffuser I use keeps the water temp the same from top to bottom in the 10 to 12 feet of water maximum depth. 

I have however been warned by one hatchery manager not to push them to hard, and that if I feed them more than they need I run into the danger of fatty livers which makes them sensitive to any environmental issues or handling and could expire easily. Going to get an average weight and with the numbers I believe I have start following feeding chart guidelines.


Will be adding either paprika or astaxanthin to their feed to start coloring them up. 


Here's a tiger trout: 




And one of the brook trout:





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A brown from the same pond:



Caught, weighed, and released more trout from the pond in an attempt to get an average weight to determine feeding amounts. Came up with an average weight of 3.48 oz and 152.25 pounds. Turns out I have actually been feeding less than the prescribed amount or I have less numbers than I thought. 

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