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  1. Hello, I am new to the community and would love the opportunity to meet with anyone interested in a Google Hangout. I am very interested in starting a small business based on Aquaponics on our island. I have a few people interested already and will be posting in other forums in order to see who is interested. The first public meeting will be held at 7 pm Pacific 10 pm Eastern on the 17th of October. If your interested I am on Google plus and face book. I would love to make this a regular thing if anyone is interested probably by weekly. Michael Funston Link to Public Hangout
  2. I am using Whitewater Linear Air Pumps both are getting hot after running for a short period. Has anyone else had this problem? Any recommendations? Larger hose? What kind of manifold is optimum? I was thinking about getting a larger manifold of going up in size in the hose, but the barb is custom to Whitewater Products apparently. Using parts from the hardware store is extremely limited, any help or ideas would be appreciated. Also wondering if anyone has had any luck using drip irrigation line instead of air stones? I was thinking about using a grid of drip line in the raft tank, wondering what connections people have tried. Thanks! Jessica
  3. My name is Dan Garcia and I am currently a student at UCLA doing research on the aquaponics industry for my master's thesis. Please help a graduate student out by taking a minute to complete the following short survey: Reef Owners | Qualtrics Survey Software I understand the aversion to clicking on links, so in case you were wondering, "qualtrics" is a highly reputable survey platform and there are no risks in clicking the above link. Feel free to google "qualtrics" if you have any doubts. Thank you very much for those who take the time to do the survey!
  4. Greets all, I'm an NGO working in Monrovia, Liberia, and I am currently just starting research on the viability of establishing a pilot project for a large aquaponics facility here. It would be established as a social enterprise structured to address community issues such as nutrition, food insecurity, enterprise development, gender inequality, and youth employment. Right now I'm still quite unsure this is a viable option given Liberia's unique challenges, but if it is I want to know. Sincere thanks to all who prove any sorts of help. David
  5. I am experimenting my own mini indoor aquaponics system. My everyday observation on its progress will be posted to my blog at: Aquaponics Borneo To give you some idea, these are some of the pictures:
  6. I have recently started my back yard Aquaponics Garden. I am using my old 200 gallon Jacuzzi. I have been stocking it with Goldfish to start with. For the present time I am using Hydrotron balls for my grow medium. I am thinking about changing to small gravel when I add another 4x8 grow tray. The Hydrotron balls float and seem to get into every where that you don't want them to go. I have about 100 Goldfish in my tank for the present. Looking into getting some Tilapia soon. I have a TOTE Container that I will cut in half to use for the Tilapia fingerlings when I get them. I am currently growing Lettuce, cabbage, strawberries, Peppers, Tomatoes, bell peppers, brocolli, and various Herbs. I am preparing germinated seedlings of many of the above veggies. Outside my Hydroponics and Aquaponics garden, I am growing Oranges, White Zapote, Mango, Avocado, Pommagranite, Black Walnut trees, and three varieties of Bananas. I am having a challenge with my gold fish dying. they were dying at the rate of two to four per day until a week ago. I was feeding them twice a day. Now I cut it down to one time a day. I am still trying to figure out how to do a partial water change if and when necessary. I also been having difficulty getting my purchased Bell Auto Siphon cycling properly. The grow tray fills up and the bell does not drain. When my wife and I are not doing our gardening I am out towing vehicles, working my Online Marketing Business, and going to Church. Well, that's about all for now. I hope to become a good contributing member in the future after I get this whole Aquaponic thing figured out. Thanks, Joe
  7. Hello, this is my first forum i have ever joined so looking forward to discussions. i have several systems currently in varying stagers of completion from small to this really big one: i would love some constructive criticism and discussion around the system regards and looking forward to sharing luke
  8. Hello! I'm an Italian guy that want to try to build AND learn how work aquaponics and, why not, use it to build a new work? I've got only some experience with DWC and NFT, very small homemade plant that you can see there: Blog
  9. Just thought I'd add to what is currently happening with our current farm yields (none aquaponics) that seem to be going down and when this happens prices go up. All this and how this news may affect our food cost, food availability and knowledge in terms of what we are eating (organic, pesticide use or GMO's - GE [genetically modified organisms or genetically engineered foods). I feel it's important to understand that we should have more personal control over our food, our food sources and ways (aquaponics) to grow our own. Thank you for the opportunity to share with a great community of people trying to do the right thing. Ernie; Thank you again!
  10. Looking for a good source for bio-filtration media. Was thinking bioballs in a net bag. Anyone have a good source for them? Or ones they like, what is your recommendation? I need about 10 gallons worth. Thanks for your help! Jessica
  11. Hi, many people asked me about aquaponics system sizing and possible yields. Therefore I created a spreadsheet to do some calculations on this. It is just an estimation tool of course because an exact calculation depends on an almost endless list of factors. I'd really like to hear your responds on these calculations so I can further fine tune it. Feel free to comment or send responds. Regards, Arnold Boer owner @ LocaVerdi, Sustainable Aquaponics [ATTACH]5287[/ATTACH] LocaVerdi universal aquaponics calculation sheet rev1.0.xls
  12. Welcome to my journal / history of my Aquaponic project. I hope to tell all of my adventures to date. Feel free to read as I go or wait a couple weeks until I have completed it. I have multiple pictures and videos of my project. Let's get started. I live in a cave. It was originally a sand mine in Festus, Missouri ( USA ). My wife and I along with our three kids started our adventure some seven years ago. On tight budgets and frequent lessons we have built our home. You can review our home at : Our home has three chambers. In an effort to identify best use, I have been experimenting with Vanilla plants in the middle chamber. What caught my interest was the conditions. Apparently the Rain Forest Floor has a lot in common with my cave. High Humidity, steady tempatures and LOW lighting. I was amazed how well Vanilla did in my home. Aquaponics caught my interest and I began reviewing my options. I had an old pond liner scrap and I had a fresh water source under the cave that I could get to through a Cistern that is about 14 feet deep and wide. At the edge of my floor where the concrete meets the sand that meets the rock wall, I dug out the sand and found that I had a
  13. Last Friday, Japan Aquaponics installed their first school system in Yokohama International School - much to the delight of the Year 4 kids who helped us to put it all together and set everything up! YIS already has a small system running in their cafeteria courtesy of another one of our first client... their chef... and because of that, about a month ago we visited the school and gave a series of classes to about 100 of the children and staff. The school decided that they wanted their own system as it would fit in perfectly with their living cycles currculum, and so taking into consideration size requirements we hand-built a system for their school. It is in prime display immediately in front of you (and the window) as you come up the stairs and so will undoubtedly generate a lot of interest from the children! This is a 220 litre fish tank, with a 180 litre growbed, running on a very simple timed flood and drain cycle, but which can easily be changed to a bell siphon as part of the children's science classes. We will be updating their webpage as the project develops, and will include all the details of water quality, plants, water additions etc etc... as well as new photos of course. Please do take a look and tell us what you think!
  14. Well, I came into aquaponics rather late in the day, after travelling around the world as a trade journalist and English language teacher. In my travels I have seen mountainsides falling off in the Himalayas due to overgrazing, failing rubber plantations in the Thailand-Malay peninsula, and all sorts of other agricultural disasters from Central American dustbowls to cloud jungle destruction. All in the name of growing more food. Meanwhile, here we have aquaponics, which uses less acreage and inputs to grow more food than any other method known according to the research at reputable institutions. So why is this not being rolled out on an industrial scale? Good question...being addressed on and elsewhere as I link away.
  15. Hi, I'm currently testing a floating platform which I built on an existing fish farm as an experiment. However, the results have not been good, am hoping to get some advice here. Here are the details: Size of platform: 2 meter sq (less than 1% of the entire coverage) Plants used: Mint, basil, dill, red cabbage and various ornamental flowers pH level: varies between 6-8 depending on time of day Ammonia level: minimal Nitrate level: minimal Types of fish: Ain't sure about this but the owner did assure us that there are a variety of fishes in it Temperature: 28-32 degrees Celsius Growing media: soil Climate: Tropical throughout the year Symptoms: Yellowish leaves Slow growth Stunted growth Have been testing this for 3 months but can't seem to figure out the problem. Please note that the fish pond is in an open area and there are subjected to every environmental conditions.
  16. Modular Aquaponics Design and Equipment Manila, Philippines: This is my cascade system. <iframe width="640" height="510" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> This is my starter kit: The grow bed is 1000mm by 1500mm by 300mm deep. Grow bed Capacity is 450 litres: The Fish tank is 1000mm by 1500 mm by 300mm deep. Fish tank Capacity is 450 litres: Read more: This is my Home Aquaponics kit: The grow bed is 1000mm by 1500mm by 300mm deep. Grow bed Capacity is 450 litres: The Fish tank is 1000mm by 1500 mm by 800mm deep. Fish tank Capacity is 1200 litres: You can watch the video of the tanks here: Read more: This is my cascade system: Modular Aquaponics Design and Equipment Franchise Read more:
  17. I have a system that ive been running for almost a year now. i pump water up from a 75 gallon tank to a grow bed that sits directly above it. just recently i have been losing fish. my tested for ammonia and the test comes up clean. no PH is around 6.2, and I have mature basil growing in the grow bed. im using pea gravel as my growing media. this is my original system that i designed so it has quite a few flaws. i dont have any prefiltration going to the grow bed...i just have the pump hose going into a net pot filled with sphagnum moss to filter out some of the solids and to keep the ph from getting too high ( i have very basic water ). could some of these solids be getting into the rock and somehow making my fish sick? i dont have any problem with ammonia though so im not sure if the fish waste is the reason for losing them. its almost like they just stop eating for awhile and hide down in a corner till they start swimming upside down like they have some kind of swim bladder disease. Im feeding them very little just once a day so i dont think im over feeding them either. i should be able to post a video soon on what my system looks like as well. please let me know if you have any suggestions for solving this problem.
  18. Charles Mulamata is may name. i am based in Uganda, East Africa. I am adopting aquaponics for fish and vegetable farming. i have set up a demonstration system with 500 tilapia fish and Several grow beds. I am also setting up a cat fish tatchery in a weeks time. We are to start training in aquaponics by holding workshops and seminars on the subject of soil less agriculture. I am an electrical and electronics engineer. i have a metal fabrication facility with machinery to make doors and windows for the housing industry. We also deal in renewable energy and power back up systems. The aquaponics system is being developed by our Entrepreneurship Institute of Technology. This institute also makes bamboo bicycle frames under the partnership of Bamboosero a California based company owned by Craig Calfee (the inventor of carbon fiber bicycle) We also import second hand bicycles and sawing machines from New Jersey USA I have had a passion for agriculture and fish farming. Traditional fish farming methods have several problems including predators like birds, snakes, animals. and humans. This is mainly because fish ponds are always situated in remote places which are difficultt to supervise closely. With aquaponics, you can do agriculture in your compound or back yard. Aquaponics is a system that can solve food security, poverty, malnutrition, and women emancipation for especially developing countries like Uganda. So it is my desire to spread the knowledge and help my local people as much as possible. I really look forward to the members on this forum and to share with then. Mulamata Charles
  19. I have been interested in Aquaponics for some years now but have only just built my first setup useing IBC's. Have had tropical and gold fish as a hobby for some years but didn't want to use them in my system, so if any one know's of any eatable fish suitable for this area and how to purchase them I would be happy to hear about it. Cheers Bob
  20. Does anyone know if using micro bubbles or at least finer bubbles is beneficial to aquaponics. How can I build a cheap DIY microbubble setup? How about incorporating a "toothed venturi" into my water pump supply line?
  21. What do you guys think of constructing "debris catcher" window screen panels in the water flow current to catch the suspended debris? My water input pipe shoots counter clockwise into my IBC FT for 15 minutes every hour. In this time the water circulates slowly. I think that a few screeen panels would collect quite a bit of debris. Periodically these could be removed and hosed off and be reused. When these panels become overburdened with debris, they wouldn't pose any critical danger to the clogging of the overall system. Kingjam
  22. Does anyone know if this system might work. I am considering using two smaller growbeds and wondered if it was completely necessary to construct 2 different bell syphons for each bed? Would it be possible to connect the two growbeds at the very bottom of the bed and then place the bell syphon into the 2nd bed (so the water enters the first bed and then flows into the 2nd bed at an equal rate, so both beds should fill up equally). Then, when the bell syphon kicks in it would drain both beds at the same time. Does anyone know if this would work, or has anyone tried this? Thanks, Aragon
  23. Hi there everyone, My name is Aragon and I am a huge fan of aquaponics and am now looking to really promote this in Japan (where I live). As far as I am aware there are a few people talking about aquaponics in Japan, but nobody has a decent sized system up and running. After the recent earthquake and Tsunami though, myself and a few others have gotten together to try and promote aquaponics to those devastated communities and to introduce them to this fantastic system. We are in the process of setting up a working, demonstration system at the moment and we hope to be able to use this to show people what is achievable. I have a question though - the temperatures in Japan can vary quite a lot between the winter and summer, and so I am wondering if anyone knows which fish could be the best choice? Which fish can tolerate reasonably large changes in water temperature, although the change is usually over a period of time and is not a dramatic swing from one day to the next. We are thinking of Koi and Trout... but does anyone else have any ideas? Thanks for your input and support! Aragon Japan Aquaponics
  24. Happy to have found AquaponicsHQ In the last couple weeks have a 40 Gallon Aquarium with 40 feeder GOLDFISH, pumping to TWO 35 Gallon floating raft grow beds. Soon hope ad a BIO sediment bin, some vermiculture and a 4 row NFT, all for veggies. All setup in storage area of our laundry room in the basement with 4 grow lights. Hopefully it will expand from their. Any tips on siphons that do not require drilling containers would be great, as I am currently pumping up to grow beds and siphoning back down to aquarium.
  25. I plan to use two 275 gallon ibc totes cut at top to maximize volume. How big a pump should I use? Any suggestions for the best pump to buy?