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  1. Hi Kusum Welcome to APN/HQ cheers
  2. It's just to funy 7% of US adults thinks that chocolate milk comes from brown cows cheers
  3. Hi fb Welcome to APN/HQ We have a member from the Philipines that build systems, he has not been active on here for some time, but have his own website & youtube channel, so by reading his posts you'll probably fine some info of value and links to his sites cheers
  4. Hi Thaughts & prayers goes to our Texas & New Orleans members cheers
  5. Hi Ainesh Welcome to APN/HQ Murrays original post is 9 years old, and he very rearly visit the forum these days, so I wouldn't expect a fast response to your Q above. cheers
  6. Hi Cecil That might happen From here : Quote : Cool Facts An Osprey may log more than 160,000 migration miles during its 15-to-20-year lifetime. cheers
  7. Hi Wickedsix Welcome to APN/HQ cheers
  8. Hi Moses It's algea cheers
  9. Hi again Moses Endless number of designs to choose from here Pick one that fits your local easy/cheap/free available materials and tools. Old Prospector have some nice designed small wicking buckets in his photo album have a look at them, they might be a good alternative cheers
  10. Hi Nsidibe If you go to the dowload section You will find all the original docs on iavs, if you are looking for "recent" or "new builds" you will find some in the members system section you can also use the advanced search function and use tags (search words) like iavs, sandbeds, sandfilter ................... Also you can go directly to the iavs web site cheers
  11. Hi Wonder if any of you recognize, or are familiare with this RDF ? Old Hydrotech filter ? It's been used in a conservation/wild Salmon hatchery that closed down 2 years ago. cheers
  12. Hi Nsidibe Welcome to APN/HQ If you plan to go commercial I suggest you plow thru these threads for a starter. cheers edit to add this
  13. Hi Well well this was a lousy round, worst results erver on my part. One more of the remaining 16 eggs peeped, but I had to "help" them hatch and only 4 of the 5 made it. Should probbably have "helped" them a bit earlier, allways a bit hesitant to help as I have experienced to often that those that can't make it out on their own, tend to be so weak that they die anyways. so still 15 eggs in the incubator with no signs of life on day 36 (today) will leave them in untill tomorrow and then do a autopsy. What I have noticed is that all the eggs that have hatched are marked with the same date of collection 10/6 so I will contact the lady I bought them from and ask her what happen after that date in her pen or with the other eggs that was collected on later dates, she might hold the answer to this terrible result. GOPR8044.MP4 GOPR8057.MP4 cheers
  14. Hi all After the fox cleaned out the chicken pen last month, I'w decided to have a new go with ducks. So I loaded the incubater with 25 muscovie eggs, about 2 weeks ago Stay tuned cheers
  15. Hi again First out and four more definatly working on the matter (day 34) cheers
  16. Hi Finaly the remaining 21 eggs started peep/hatch yesterday evning (day 33) So I'm crossing fingers cheers
  17. Hi Julio Welcome to APN/HQ You'll fine numerous hybrid systems amongst the APN forum members, as long as the fish loop gets adequate water filtering any growing system is fine. Strider's build thread might be a good read for you Also Lukeboshier's threads might be of interest for you (he is located in South Africa like you) cheers
  18. Hi Vini375 Welcome to APN/HQ The nutrients will stay in the water no matter how long the distance you run it, unless they are used by plants(algea),micro organisms, deluted, gassed of etc. and finaly return to the fish tank. I guess it,s more for practical reasons you would have to walk around it, or build cross walkways, and/or head loss if you have to pipe/pump the water back to fishtanks for long distances. cheers
  19. Hi Wery disapointing Candelling on day 18 showed 22 eggs ok 7 unsertain ? the rest was scraped. So allready under 50% starting with 60 eggs So down to one tray now cheers
  20. Version 1.0.0


    Hi A good read doc./pdf on the subject IMO Nitrite Poisoning or "Brown Blood" Disease- A Preventable Problem by Jesse A. Chappell. Extension Fisheries Specialist, Assistant Professor, Auburn University ( 2008 ) enjoy cheers
  21. Hi Here is one cheers
  22. Hi Here is the egg load from/on June 23. Not so good on first candeling(day 10) , 8 eggs not fertilized and scraped and another 28 eggs I'm unsurtan about at this stage I'll have another candeling on day 18-20 cheers