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  1. Hi So now he is back in the limelight cheers
  2. Hi BD Here cheers
  3. Hi Farbulous Welcome back The forum have been very quiet for some time, but hopefully @Aufin @GaryD @Ravnis will chime in and give some insights on your IAVS Q's If not, you could try to post the same Q's on Garys "new" forum cheers
  4. Hi Will Nice update Thanks for sharing cheers
  5. Hi MnrPresident Welcome to APN/HQ cheers
  6. Hi Tucson Welcome to APN/HQ I tried to check it out, but no luck, the link does not work. Could you try reposting it ? cheers
  7. south africa

    Hi Praetor360 Welcome to APN/HQ cheers
  8. Hi wilsonmj Welcome to APN/HQ Hopefully @Cecil see your post and chime in with some advice on this. Cecil is located in Indiana so the regulations might differ from Ohio, but he has run a few school projects along side with his commercial fish farming. cheers
  9. Hi BD Yes please, keep it coming. I guess this should be called Climate exChange cheers
  10. Hi BD Seems the tube is working fine now, maybe the angle Sam taped in to it makes the cold air from here drains out over there ? We had a few heat records here in February, +3,1C average "normal" for the month is - 1,9C average. A new all time high record set on the 26.Feb. + 18,7C Spring has sprung all snow gone now And the flowers are popping up all over Thanks a lot cheers
  11. Hi chily Welcome to APN/HQ Nice drawings To your question, do you need a swirl filter No you don't, how ever you will be better off, with som sort of solids filtration. Swirl filters like in your drawings are fine, but you could use the chamber they are placed in, as a settling filter, just put in a number of baffles and drop the barrels. cheers
  12. Hi Max Welcome to APN/HQ This post marks a milestone on APN/HQ Forum Statistics 10000 Total Topics cheers
  13. Hi cosmo Welcome to APN/HQ cheers
  14. Hi again Nope the sand will not get in the pump if properly designed. You can find a lot of info on IAVS here and in the download section here cheers
  15. Hi Jbax1985 Welcome to APN/HQ It will work, you should however consider some sort of solids filtration, if that's your choice of method/media. Lava rock is sharp on your hands and hard to clean when time comes, but it does have a large SSA . Expanded clay might not give sufficient root support for larger plants. Unless you already bought the lava/clay media or have easy/cheap access to it, you might want to look at sand (IAVS) as a option. With IAVS you don't need solids filtration. cheers
  16. Hi BD I think the tube is leaking Remember Sam was tapping in to it, that might be the problem ? The temps are bouncing up and down all the time here cheers
  17. Hi BD Nice job Talk about fast delivery, I'm impressed cheers
  18. Hi again Well didn't see those 15c yet Got another load of snow on Sunday Then the temp. dropped further today almost -12C this morning So I bailed my sons boat with a shovel this morning Sure hope to see those +15c soon cheers
  19. Hi Just read a article on this cool new digger (Codenamed Z-line (for zero emission), this version of the Cat 323F is a 25 ton machine that handles itself all-electrically) in a Norwegian magazine some nice pics even if the text is Norwegian cheers
  20. Hi Temp. - 1C, got 25cm snow last night and another 25cm coming I have trouble getting the tractor started so I shoveled the snow by hand to get space for my youngest son's guests, he is turning 12 to day and is having a party Big job to clear the front yard and drive way, took me 3 hours I'm still keen on those 15C from you BD
  21. Hi Cecil I didn't know the tiger trout mortality, was higer. Is it as much as double that of brook & brown ? Would be cool if you ever found the time to write/illustrate a step by step article, on hatching and rearing trouts in a (your) diy ras. You'w made so many interesting posts/pics, on the matter here, IMO it would/could make a good guide/manual if they where all put together in a article cheers
  22. Hi Cecil How many is it ? cheers
  23. Hi lourde0927 Welcome to APN/HQ I deleted your link in the post above as it lead me to a commercial site and not to a article about strains. I spent some time on the site looking for such article, but couldn't fine any articles at all. So you might want to try again if you indeed have a link on the matter cheers
  24. Hi a99 Yes it's possible. Affnan lays out how to connect multiple grow beds to a common siphon here cheers edit to ad a better link
  25. Hi all Just read this BBC "news article" and had a good laugh , odd how such ordinary or common habit around here, makes the news out there Pretty accurate article, however it is most common to also have a fruit or two, in our packed lunch. Many (in particular kids) would rather drink a glass of milk/juice, and/or have hot chocolate milk or hot Blackcurrant toddy(non alcoholic) on their thermos. cheers