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  1. Hi Found another one, last week Took me 2 hours to clean it propperly But it was a nice load to parboil End product 1,2 kg for the freezer A really nice flavour full mushroom yum yum cheers
  2. Hi I just love the fall,walking in the forest is like the best delicatesse marked place, this time a year. I hardly ever come home empty handed, but some days is special found this cauliflower mushroom a few days back, rear to me only found 3 of those earlyer also picked a nice litle load of other mushroom varieties Last month I found two nice chaga And it's all sort of "bonus" stuff picked or collected, when taking a walk or a hunting trip, more or less in my back yard Got this guy today cheers
  3. Hi Bryan Nice looking system Welcome to APN/HQ cheers
  4. Hi FWRF Ther is a few members that has grown them, first that pops up in my mind is I did a search on crayfish, with him as author, and got 25 hits here cheers
  5. Hi again Just remember that all fish strugle with temp swings, so keeping them inside a green/hoop house might mean trouble come summer. So my advice is to keep the fish tank in the ground and/or a separate room, with good insulation including a insulated lid, to protect from the cold/heat/swings. Before buying/investing in any heating equipment, figure out letal uper/lower limit, and ideal temp (best growth) on specie of choise. If you go ornamental some fish can do fine on idle (no growth/feeding), during the winter season If you go for fish to consume (eat) you can buy larger and harwest, when the cold or heat is to costly to handle. cheers
  6. Hi FWRF I doubt that deicer is usefull to heat the tank, it turns off automaticaly once the temp. goes above 32F. So to keep a hole in the icesheet it's OK, but no good as a heater, in particular if you plan for blue tilapia. You need a heater with a thermostat that can be adjusted up above minimum letal temp. for the specie of choise. cheers
  7. Hi Cecil Wish I could'w been there and give a hand, best of luck. Try steal your wifes camera or have her snap some pics of the operation. cheers
  8. Hi ashleyg9 Welcome to APN/HQ Did you try the search function in the top right corner ? I got this when using greenhouse as search word cheers
  9. Hi BD Yes indeed, I do have a lovely back yard, a bit odd how one have to become "older" before reallizing or discover the ovious right in front of you, I guess one just take such for granted when younger ? I just found a nice website on chaga here I just discovered Chaga my selefe fairly recently (ignorance on my part) even if I'w seen them in the forrest for as long as I can remember I posted when and how I learned about it here I'w since harwested plenty and given alot away, to people that need/use it, but can't aford it, for medical purposes (cancer) cheers
  10. Hi Cecil Next seining snap some pics please, and sheare here, I know you done it before, but they are "lost" (photobucket) so upload direct instead of 3'rd part hosts cheers
  11. Hi Had a get together at my fostersons house last month, a family/friends "pick" your own duck day. cheers
  12. Hi all After the fox cleaned out the chicken pen last month, I'w decided to have a new go with ducks. So I loaded the incubater with 25 muscovie eggs, about 2 weeks ago Stay tuned cheers
  13. Hi Tyman Welcome to APN/HQ Load of threads/discussions on dual loop here When using "skretting" (one of the main quality fish feed producers) as search word you get a few threads/discussions on feeds cheers
  14. Hi Jack Welcome to APN/HQ You will only get a marginal amount heating, also if the air tube is runing thru cold zones, bevare of condens and posible iceplugs. cheers
  15. Here I snapped a pic of Common broom in my garden, they usualy flower in June/July (wich they did) it started flowering again 2 weeks ago (Sept./Oct.) It really sucks when/iff it's happening to the fruit trees, wich it often does in the last 10-15 year cheers
  16. Hi Cool creature cheers
  17. Hi Cecil We'w had above "normal" temps and more rain than "normal", around here for years. It's the "new normal" I guess. cheers
  18. Hi This time of the year again My Daughter got her first buck this year And I had to take out a moose cow that had broken her leg, just 5 days before opening of moose season Glad she was found and put out of her misery, max 1-2 houers after she was hurt, so she didn't suffer/die over a long time, and all the meat was still 100% cheers
  19. Hello MrDave Welcome to APN/HQ cheers
  20. Hi remout here cheers
  21. Hi Kusum Welcome to APN/HQ cheers
  22. It's just to funy 7% of US adults thinks that chocolate milk comes from brown cows cheers
  23. Hi fb Welcome to APN/HQ We have a member from the Philipines that build systems, he has not been active on here for some time, but have his own website & youtube channel, so by reading his posts you'll probably fine some info of value and links to his sites cheers
  24. Hi Thaughts & prayers goes to our Texas & New Orleans members cheers
  25. Hi Ainesh Welcome to APN/HQ Murrays original post is 9 years old, and he very rearly visit the forum these days, so I wouldn't expect a fast response to your Q above. cheers