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  1. Hi again Sounds great IMO this is your final sand mix then (for those unfamiliar with the US grading/inch) 40% #12 0.0661in= 1.67894mm 40% #20 0.0331in= 0.84074mm 20% #30 0.0234in= 0.59436mm cheers
  2. Hi vkn Is the video available any other place than on FB ? I'w tried to watch it, but not being on FB it seems impossible. cheers
  3. So I gave them a helping hand, all that was alive, still lives, and seems to be doing fine. all though one is a criple,it's got a weird twisted neck. 11 live ducklings now, 3 dead(fully developed) , 9 eggs no sign of hatch(leaving them in for another day) ,2 eggs not developed of 25 total. A bit disapointing % IMO cheers
  4. Hi all After the fox cleaned out the chicken pen last month, I'w decided to have a new go with ducks. So I loaded the incubater with 25 muscovie eggs, about 2 weeks ago Stay tuned cheers
  5. Not going to well 4 by now a few more dead (fully developet), and no sign that the 9 last will start hatching Iff they aren't out by tomorrow I'll try to help them, even if I have bad experience with eggs/chiks that need help to hatch cheers
  6. Hi Things are finaly starting to happen I got a bit mixed up, thinking they where do to hatch after 28days, so when nothing was happening I thought I goofed it up. How ever muscovies use 32-37 days so the last few days the eggs are hatching, tossed out 2 eggs that where definitly dead so 23 eggs still alive after 33-34 days excited to see how many will make it cheers
  7. Hi My new ducks dissapered without no trace ? So time to try something new to me. I'm having a go with Coturnix coturnix Just loaded my incubater with 150 eggs so we'll see how this goes exciting
  8. Hi bcotton Nice progress thanks for the pics & update Cool present cheers
  9. Hi j5 Welcome to APN/HQ Q1. Milkfish is a saltwater or brachishwater specie and as such normaly not suitable in a AP system Q2. There is no fixed number of fish you can/should put in a 1000 litre system, as it's not the volume alone that limits the number of fish you can put in, but rather the design of the system, such as filteration, aeration etc. There are some good guide lines to be found on the forum if you use the search function like this answer from Kellen If you want more specific answers you have to lay out all details on your spesific system, including the system environement temperatur, water exchange................ cheers
  10. Hi Julie & grandson Welcome to APN/HQ cheers
  11. Hi again Nice I hope you find time to make a build thread in the "members systems" forum. cheers
  12. Hi Mikhail I would go for #12 cheers
  13. Hi again Looks like she found a source ? from her build thread here cheers
  14. Hi Mikhail Try contacting neigbhor she is living near/close to Sacramento cheers
  15. Hi again I wouldn't bet on it, the water have to be high acidic to dissolve eggshells. Did you measure your source water after declorination/aeration ? cheers
  16. Hi One of my quails have turned broody Every day when I collect the eggs, she is laying on 4-5 eggs in the corner of a box in the pen, she goes complete nuts when I take them away. cheers
  17. Hi Final arrival of this year today Latest and smallest of the lot edit: It didn't make it died after 12 houers cheers
  18. Hi bcotton Nice updates thanks . I can't see any sandbeds, did you drop the golfcourse sand idea ? I have been offerd 4 bigbags(1000liters) for free, of the same kind/quality sand, but I have to go and pick it up. cheers
  19. Hi again well you can exclude the tank/growbed then I still suspect the tap water, and/or clay pellets Tap water is manipulated and will often change in chemistry as it gass off. Clay pellets can be full of alkaline residues, deepending on type, brand, manufacture, often it's enoughf to wash it out. You will have to test it to find out. Lava rocks and rainwater is most often pH neutral or acidic, thats why I don't suspect them. cheers
  20. Hi Newbie Welcome to APN/HQ I doubt it's the lava rocks or rain water causing your rise in pH, it's more likely your clay pellets or tap water. You can check your media, by putting some in a glass of vinegar if it fizzes (bubbles) then you'w found one potential cause. Tap water often rise in pH as the co2 reeleases so if you measure it 24-48 houers after tapping it that might be it. Or maybe it's your fishtank growbed ? is any of them made out of cement ? If you can post some pics and give more details on building material etc.,it makes easyer for members to advice you. cheers
  21. Hi again You could try contacting TCLynx she haven't been on here fore some years so it might be easyer to contact her dierectly on her web site she runs a commercial "organic" AP operation in Florida. She use and sells the product in Q, and she is usually very helpfull IME cheers
  22. Hi Mikkel On online aquaculture recourses/courses I'w found this good IMO hands on or practcal training at a fishfarm, RD facility or with a conservation group is of equal value (even more) to the technical/theoretical skills you can achive online or in a class. It all goes hand in hand I guess This doc/pdf have references (last pages) to the regulations on aquaculture in DK Lett us know how you progress on the matter, and obstacles or problems to overcome, are just as interesting to learn/hear about as sucsess. Good luck ahead cheers edit to add another great online resource
  23. Hi again This might be a helpful link cheers
  24. Hi phri Neither is mine I agree local resources is often worth it's weight in gold and offcourse language is a key to understanding of the same value. Moses, there is a Malaysian siphon guru called Affnan, he has been in to aquaponics for years, and have a nice blog As far as I know/understand, Bahasa Melayu is closely related to Bahasa Indonesia, so Affnan might be a helpful resource to you ? And also this APN/HQ member/thread might have a sort of "local" value for you. cheers
  25. Hi again Moses You have to use known standards if you wan't serious answers to your Q's Either use the metric liter, US gallon = 3,78541178 litere, or Imperial gallon = 4.54609 litere, and inform wich it is. I suggest you read up in Garys Online Urban Aquaponics Manual I would get rid of the koi they are not suited to live (thrive) in such small aquarium/tank Also to look at more precice zises and readings/values/measures in general, EG: You say you have a pump that pumps 2000 liter/houer and a tank with 57 liter water so your pump is turning over the tank water 35 times/houer it should be more like, 1 to 2 times/houer. You say your Ph is 6.5-7ish, it's a huge difference between Ph 6.5 and Ph 7 (in particular in fast swings to the fish) I don't mean to disencoureage you but I fear you will fail fast unless you get the proportional numbers, volumes, zises, etc. in order. good luck cheers