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  1. Hi So almost 3 years down the road, I finally finished making the last product out of this hog. When cutting him down hanging from the Volvo front loader, I (we) had a minor incident . My friend helping out, was supposed to lift the hog a bit up, accidentally he lowered it in stead, so the front loader hit my head. I almost passed out and was left with a 2inch bleeding cut on the top of my scull. After a bit swear & curse, and a duct tape bandage on my head, there was tossed a few jokes, about the need for me to get a hardhat, as part of my butchering kit. I said I would make one out of the hogs scrotum, as it seemed to have the propper shape/form/size in every ones opinion. I carefully cut it of for that purpose in mind, stuck it in the freezer and forgot all about it. Then last summer it popped up again, so I found a diy instruction on how to preserve pig skin and got on with the job. Then I stuck it on the loft for drying up. When getting the Christmas lights down from the loft the other day, I found it again. Turned out great Perfect fit cheers
  2. Hi toppy007 Welcome to APN/HQ Nice diy-build and instructions The tank looks a bit small to keep any number of fish in IMO Have you tried to grow any thing in it yet ? cheers
  3. Hi Nice tool cheers
  4. Hi brushhippie OK like this ? cheers
  5. Hi Toga Whilst waiting for your thoughts experience on the matter, I'w been searching a bit on the web to try get a better understanding on the matter. Seems there is a massive opposition towards the use out there. Found this cheers
  6. Hi DrCoffe Welcome to APN/HQ cheers
  7. Hi Sheana Welcome to APN/HQ One of my favorite systems on here is located in South Africa cheers
  8. Hi again Well I don't think it's dead, but it is like most other forums effected by various "new" social media platforms I do belive you get faster responses on questions, if you put in some "key words" in the heading of a thread, and choose the "proper" forum section to post in, So to attract other forum members with the same interests, to your post. We have a lot of members from across the world, with various experience and knowledge to share, however there is a huge difference in climate, laws, regulations, codes...etc. So if you for instance put in your State, city and/or climate zone in your profile it's so much easier to identify with your specific circumstances, and thereby come up with a relevante answer or suggestion. When you list USA as your location, all it tells me is that you are in anything from a arctic to a tropic climate zone, and I have no ideas wich regulatory regime you work under as they differ from state to state. Same goes with your preference of aquatic species, plants, indoors, outdoors.............etc. Some members will only read posts made in specific under forums, that adhere to their interest experience , and knowledge. Also there is a lot of "old" posts, Q/A and a downloads page for you to harvest from, whilst awaiting engagement in your posts. Good luck ahead cheers
  9. Hi brushhippie Welcome to APN/HQ cheers
  10. Hi This was on October the 28. (new snow ) And these sweet potato I harvested on October the 31. (snow all gone again ) Not a lot, however I really didn't except any as the slips was put in the soil July, about 2 months "to late" Tasted great with homegrown sweet potato chips cheers
  11. Hi Toga They keep fresh for about 4-7 days in a sealed plastic bag in the fridge , and OK for another week. So I fold them up further once they have cooled, I then put them in separate plastic bags (my ex stock 4 in each bag, with a papper between to separate ) in the fridge for further cooling, before pressing out air, sealing and freezing to avoid condense. If I freeze for longer storage, I usually vacuum pack. The trick is to thaw completely and slow in the fridge before unpacking this way they taste just like fresh. Back in the old days they would let them hang to dry then wet/moist them again before use a special technique this way they could be stored for +/- 6 months. Then there is also another variation (flat-bread or flattbrød as we say) you use the same recipe/dough, but you roll them much thinner and you finish up with a special roller that pokes tiny holes in it, to vent out all moist whilst backing it. These are baked slow and on low heat, to dry and get crispy. This way gives about double/triple the number, and you usually need some practice to roll them out this thin. These can be stored for years. Usually both variations would be made at the same time. cheers
  12. Hi again Forgot to give our recipe (there is loads of different local variations) 2 kg mealy potatoes, 1/2 cup melted margarine or butter, 1/2 cup whole milk, 1tsp salt, About 200 g all­purpose flour Cook the potatoes, chill under cover to keep moist, then peel & rice them. Mix all the ingredients together but save about half of the flour for the rolling. Divide into about 10 pieces. Roll out very thin and cook on a high heat. As it cooks check the underside to see when to turn it over. There should be some light brown spots. Fold the lefse and cover with towels to keep it moist while cooling, keep stacking on top of each other like in the shown in pic. cheers
  13. Hi I'w started preparing food for the Christmas holidays, more specific baking "lefse" with my ex-wife. I haven't done it for 10 years so it was about time I picked up on that tradition again. We had a grate time chitchatting, whilst producing a good load each. So we secured what's needed for the holidays , and "a little" extra with a total use of 15kg potatoes cheers
  14. Hi ansihkgt Take a picture, then count the number of fish in the pic, this way the fish is not moving around and can be marked of when counted cheers
  15. cheers