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  1. Hi again You'll find numerous ibc systems in this pdf cheers
  2. Hi Ricardo Any kind of fishtanks should have some sort of overflow piping mounted at a set maximum water level, the excess water should be directed to a dedicated area. In most european countries there is specific regulations regarding the handling of aquaculture drain water, however a single 1000liter tank will most often be such a small volume so the ordinary sewage may be used. Then there is the water quality changes in your fish tank to consider, the rainwater might be "good", thing but that will depend on the quality. Rainwater can be very polluted depending on location, also it can alter the temperatur rapidly in such small tank. Finally you have to think about safety . Fish might be preyed upon by birds, dogs, cats, mink ............... and more important fish is attracting to kids, that might fall in and drown. Some sort of lid is almost a must, for all the above reasons IMO it will also create shade/cover, which the fish prefer, prevent/reduce alga growth and temp fluctuations during day/night hours We have a real cool Portugise member thread that you might like here enjoy cheers
  3. Hi Ricardo Welcome to APN/HQ cheers
  4. Hi again As a rule of thumb all the water from the pond should be run thru a filter once an hour minimum, so from the outset you are 14,000 short. So a add on filter (any) is a good idea IMO. I would go back to your first idea, with some sort of settling filter (any) to take out the solids in the water flow . I do think you complicate the process unnecessarily much with all the piping involved, and honestly can't see the point of using a siphon & the eurobox other than the fun of fiddling and tinkering. I would go for a constant subsurface flow in the growbed, let the water drop directly to any next levels (creating splash /aeration) . The flow rate chart of this specific pump is here As you can se in the chart, the flow rate is down to about about 4500 L/h at 2,5m lift However you are lifting the water to the top of the growbed (or swirl filter ) and not to the bottom , so you have to add a bit more to your total lift (static head) . There is no hight measurements on the AP-unit in your drawing, but there is one on the barrels in the initial layout (67cm) , so counting the sidepanel boards on the later drawings my guesstimate is ruffly an additional 1m static head. So a total of 3,5m static head gives you a max flow of approximately 2200 L/h not counting the dynamic head loss. cheers
  5. Hi Markymark Welcome to APN/HQ. The forum has been a bit quiet lately. I guess that's how it is on most forums these days, the traffic comes in waves. It is more likely you get comments on your system, if you post it in the "members systems" forum (add link to your youtube channel) A lot of members never visit/read posts in the "welcome wagon" so your system may go undetected a long time here. cheers
  6. Hi Sandman Welcome to APN/HQ You should try try sending Jessele a PM, he has not been logged on since he signed up, but might respond if he gets a mail notification ? He is located in the Philippines and I wouldn't be surprised if his company name is Aquaponics go green. good luck cheers edit: look what a google search gave me
  7. Hi So now he is back in the limelight cheers
  8. Hi BD Here cheers
  9. Hi Farbulous Welcome back The forum have been very quiet for some time, but hopefully @Aufin @GaryD @Ravnis will chime in and give some insights on your IAVS Q's If not, you could try to post the same Q's on Garys "new" forum cheers
  10. Hi Will Nice update Thanks for sharing cheers
  11. Hi MnrPresident Welcome to APN/HQ cheers
  12. Hi Tucson Welcome to APN/HQ I tried to check it out, but no luck, the link does not work. Could you try reposting it ? cheers
  13. south africa

    Hi Praetor360 Welcome to APN/HQ cheers
  14. Hi wilsonmj Welcome to APN/HQ Hopefully @Cecil see your post and chime in with some advice on this. Cecil is located in Indiana so the regulations might differ from Ohio, but he has run a few school projects along side with his commercial fish farming. cheers
  15. Hi BD Yes please, keep it coming. I guess this should be called Climate exChange cheers