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  1. Hi SEAmyco Welcome to APN/HQ Nice sytem/pics thanks for posting In pic 5 you have an aerator, I would relocate it, to above the waterline , so to avoid water from siphoning back in to it, and/or get backflow vents on it. cheers
  2. Hi Cecil My condolances to you both cheers
  3. Hi There is 27 different Suppliers of RAS technology and equipment, listed in this links list from cut/paste : Links Consultancies, Info sites, NGO's Aquaculture Engineering Society (AES) Aquaculture Recruitment(for jobseekers and employers in aquaculture) European Aquaculture Society (EAS) International Aquafeed OppdrettsTeknologi The Global Aquaculture Alliance Fish feed companies Aller Aqua A/S Aqua Optima Biomar A/S Coppens International bv Ewos Matis Nutreco Skretting Subitec (microalgae) Managers and fish farmer organisations AquaCircle AquaPri Denmark A/S Dansk Akvakultur Faroese Fish Farmers Association Finnish Fish Farmer Association Norwegian Seafood Federation The Icelandic Aquaculture Association TIAA Organisations and conferences Aquaculture Engineering Society European Aquaculture Technology and Innovative Platform Suppliers of RAS technology and equipment AKVAgroup Arvo-Tec OY AquaBioTech Group Billund AquaCulture Service Blue Unit, Water Quality Technology Bopil Aqua A/S Botngaard CM Aqua Cowex A/S Daniit A/S Exponet Danmark A/S FFF - Fish Farm Feeder Grundfos Hobas Hydrotech Aps Inter Aqua Advance Krüger Kaldnes AS Lykkegaard A/S Oriental Aquamarine Biotech OxyGuard International A/S Pentair Pinnacle Ozone Solution RK PLAST Salmobreed Siemens Energy Sistema AZUD S.A. – Irrigation, Filtration and Water Treatment Systems Sterner Universities and private and public research institutes Chalmers University of Technology, Department of Signals and Systems Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute, Aquaculture Unit Holar University College, Department of Aquaculture and Fish Biology International Research Institute of Stavanger (IRIS) Nofima Norwegian University of Life Sciences Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) SINTEF Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies Technical University of Denmark, DTU Aqua Uni Research University of Bergen University of Gothenburg, Department of Marine Ecology University of Gothenburg, Department of Zoology Vattenbrukscentrum Norr AB Updated by Anne Johanne Tang Dalsgaard on 15 February 2017 cheers
  4. Hi Cecil Asking for publications, under all categories ? Also if you try registrering in this cat. on the bottom ? saying : Not a reseacher Journalists, citizen scientists, or anyone interested in reading and discovering reaserch cheers
  5. Hi Zak Maybe you can get it here Or try to connect (PM) with some other APN forum members in the Philippines[9]=1&group[4]=1&group[11]=1&group[8]=1&group[3]=1&group[10]=1&group[6]=1&group[7]=1&core_pfield_12=philippines Maybe you should make a new thread posting your system in the "member system" sub forum, some members only visit spesific favorit areas and never look in "the welcome wagon" so you'll reach more members with your Q . And/or post the Q in general discussion forum using chelated iron in the heading I know this Q have been up for discussion earlyer but can't find the thread(s) good luck cheers
  6. Hi Cecil I think you can join without. Try as a taxidermist and/or aquaculturist cheers
  7. Hi OP Not even remotely the same IMO, other than you have had an election. After an election in Iceland and in most other western countrys, the winning side, would start governing the country.
  8. Hi kr3t3n You should look in to "dual loop" & "digesters", this way you keep the fish- & plant(s)- loop separate, and can optimize the water quality needs. cheers
  9. Hi cheers
  10. Hi Found this might be of help ? cheers
  11. Hi Cecil There is a interresting discussion on the matter here cheers
  12. Hi kr3t3n Welcome to APN/HQ Sorry I can't be of help with your potato experiment, it will be interesting to see how it turns out. cheers
  13. Hi again Commmercial/semi-commercial/hobby and/or type of area/location is irelevant in this matter. In iAVs you don't need any separate filters. If you plan to go commercial you should read vkn's thread, he is operating commercial iAVs, in your neighborhood, and is probably the most experienced active iAVs operator now (?) cheers
  14. Hi again jvv90 You don't remove the solids, they are a esential part of the "biofilter" function, in iAVs. as the "schmutzdecke" or "detritus layer" layer&sortby=relevancy builds up, the biofilter picks up phase, and it will usualy take some weeks before it starts preforming well. No need for earthworms it's not part of the design, earthworms might invade your system, but I doubt that would be a problem in any way ? cheers
  15. Hi jvv90 Welcome to APN/HQ If you choose to use your growbed, as a solids/bio filter, it will work, given that you set it up "properly" as a iAVs here There is a load of info, discussions etc. related to iAVs on the forum here If you lay out all details of your system I think it's more likely that you get experiences, advice & response from other forum members operating iAVs Good luck with your "new" system cheers