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  1. Hi VKN + 1 Been thinking a lot about you, when watching the news cheers
  2. Hi mamakat Welcome to APN/HQ cheers
  3. Hi vkn I'm not familiar with bottle gourd, it's not grown around here but you can buy them. Eating the fruit meat, is known as a lactation remedy here ? Using google I found this spooky news article from India, amongst numerous health benefit promotions, on the fruit like this article cheers
  4. Hi fm7777 Welcome to APN/HQ I would stick to the blue drums (price), If you look in the comments (scroll down) in this link you will get a flow capacity figure on the blue drum. You should also look in to multiple outlets of the fish(shrimp) tank, bottom drain/midwater pickup/surface skimmer. Use the RFF primarily on the bottom drain with aprox 20% of the total flow (increase at feeding time). Also remember until the filter is drained of solids, it represents a potential bio foul hazard, with the solids standing in the water column. IMO you should drain out the filter(s) as daily routine in any high density setup. If that is a practical problem, maybe look in to rotary drum filter or parabolic screen filter, where the solids are automatically taken directly out of the water column, as it passes thru. There are multiple threads on diy versions of all the filters on the forum, also koiphen forum has a great diy section cheers
  5. Hi Travis Welcome to APN/HQ Exciting operation you are taking on I wish you the best of luck on this journey There is numbers on tomato yield to fine in studie/doc. #5 in this post Also you should ask the Q's in separate posts, some forum members never read the welcome wagon forum, but will likely read posts with the theme (questions) adressed in the post headings cheers
  6. Hi HamiltonAP Welcome to APN/HQ Nice mess you got hope you find time to share your upgrade, as it happens. cheers
  7. Hi I thought I'd post a nice video to clear up some misunderstandings elsewhere on the forum, enjoy VEGETABLE-PORN MYTHOLOGY: OEDIPUS REX AS TOLD BY LEGUMES OCTOBER 07, 2014 BY FAENA ALEPH POSTED IN: ECCENTRICITY Warning: this piece contains scenes of vegetable sensuality. cheers
  8. Hi vkn Well, I would have found it strange, if there indeed was references to Mark's works, when it's not relevant in the specific studies. I don't understand your point ? cheers
  9. Hi again vkn Wether they are familiar with IAVS or not, I wouldn't know ? They are clearly familiar with media beds, as a HP method. However, I don't think media beds are used in commercial settings, in tomato production, in Europe ? If so, it would most probably be with LECA (Light Expanded Clay Aggregate) in the media beds. My guess is, that they didn't find media beds relevant, in their tomato yield study ? The study presented here compares tomato yield, morphological (external) and biochemical (internal) fruit quality, and overall tomato plant vitality from three different HP systems (nutrient film technique, drip irrigation system, and floating raft culture) and examines the distribution of nutrients in different parts of the tomato plant. Three replicate AP systems were set up, each incorporating the three different HP systems coupled with a separate recirculating aquaculture unit growing Nile tilapia. IMO it would be odd to mention/refer to IAVS/MarkMcM in this context It would be cool if you had the opportunity to set up a study like that after all you are the only commercial IAVS operator around that I know of cheers
  10. Hi vkn See the heading : Tomato Productivity and Quality in Aquaponics: Comparison of Three Hydroponic Methods The study does not include any kind of media growing methods cheers
  11. Hi phri I had read a few of them myself, but it's a good collection of peer-reviewed articles on aquaponics. There is also this aquaculture series, 4 articles on "Taxonomy of Means and Ends in Aquaculture Production" that you might find useful, from MDPI enjoy cheers
  12. Hi all To day is cheers
  13. Hi rhubarb harvested to day Got a good deal with my daughter in law, I give it all to her, I get some in return, in the form of cake and jam cheers
  14. Hi What a tree(s) Quote : Sam Van Aken, an artist and professor at Syracuse University, uses "chip grafting" to create trees that each bear 40 different varieties of stone fruits, or fruits with pits. The grafting process involves slicing a bit of a branch with a bud from a tree of one of the varieties and inserting it into a slit in a branch on the "working tree," then wrapping the wound with tape until it heals and the bud starts to grow into a new branch. Over several years he adds slices of branches from other varieties to the working tree. In the spring the "Tree of 40 Fruit" has blossoms in many hues of pink and purple, and in the summer it begins to bear the fruits in sequence—Van Aken says it's both a work of art and a time line of the varieties' blossoming and fruiting. He's created more than a dozen of the trees that have been planted at sites such as museums around the U.S., which he sees as a way to spread diversity on a small scale. cheers