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  1. Hi Just saved a mallard duckling from my neighbours cat yesterday Not sure what to do with it yet, to young/small to make it alone, and to old/wild to fit in the pack I think Also I up the ante yesterday, loaded the incubater with a new lot of 60 eggs, hoping fore a better hatch % this time around cheers
  2. They sure don't look wery eficient cheers
  3. Thanks Ande for the 5 posts you directed me (to) for my question. I just skimmed them and found some valuable inromation. I have to read more carefully to find references to variable output pumps; didn't see any from skimming.

    Another matter: is there such a thing as dictionary of aquaponics acronyms?


    1. ande


      Hi CR

      there is this



  4. Hi CR Welcome to APN/HQ This thread might be of some help cheers
  5. Hi Well the Norwegian banks & pension funds divested as a result of their findings seems other investors are doing the same cheers
  6. Hi loads more here: cheers
  7. Hi Two days after their first walkabout, a night visitor got one duckling. However their Guardian held him acount, so it wont happen again, at least not with this badger, now becoming a rug. so down to 9 VID_20170603_175430004.mp4 cheers
  8. HI The ducklings on their first walkabout safe guarded to their first swiming lesson. Twisted Neck died so 10 by this stage.
  9. Hi I think the prinicipals behind "Silvopasture" are much the same, but more spesifically aimed at managing pasture on, the NC floodplains, from reading your link. cheers
  10. Hi An interresting read on holistic management from SLU, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences & Chalmers – Centre for Organic Food & Farming & Chalmers Holistic Management a critical review of Allan Savory’s grazing method Enjoy
  11. Hi I'w had problems to access the forum for 2-3 houers ? cheers
  12. Hi again Sounds great IMO this is your final sand mix then (for those unfamiliar with the US grading/inch) 40% #12 0.0661in= 1.67894mm 40% #20 0.0331in= 0.84074mm 20% #30 0.0234in= 0.59436mm cheers
  13. Hi vkn Is the video available any other place than on FB ? I'w tried to watch it, but not being on FB it seems impossible. cheers
  14. So I gave them a helping hand, all that was alive, still lives, and seems to be doing fine. all though one is a criple,it's got a weird twisted neck. 11 live ducklings now, 3 dead(fully developed) , 9 eggs no sign of hatch(leaving them in for another day) ,2 eggs not developed of 25 total. A bit disapointing % IMO cheers
  15. Not going to well 4 by now a few more dead (fully developet), and no sign that the 9 last will start hatching Iff they aren't out by tomorrow I'll try to help them, even if I have bad experience with eggs/chiks that need help to hatch cheers