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  1. Hi JustFlo Welcome to APN/HQ I prefer a dry mounted (external) pump, no more stress on that.(also safer with no wiring in the water) Unfiltered water on the other hand will have some more stress on any pump impeller, so mounting pump after filters is a positive design. cheers
  2. Hi Yeah I agree they can be very active under the ice. But they can also be very sluggish depending on temperature oxygen and light. cheers
  3. Hi BD Not lazy, sluggish from the cold temp. very common in ice fishing. You should try it, great fun cheers
  4. Hi jojo Welcome to APN/HQ I copied a Q from you in another thread so to not go off topic in that thread. You should maybe start a new thread in members system posting Q's related to it in given thread. We have had a few discussions on cannabis growing, on the forum earlier, here is what I found using the search function on the matter cheers
  5. Hi New Years Eve we had a 7 course dinner, where all courses contained some, either home grown or self -gathered -hunted -fished All cooked & served, by my son in law, son & daughter 1. Norway lobster, asparagus, onion 2. Cauliflower soup with cauliflower mushroom & bacon 3. RedFoxJuice sorbe ( ) 4. Duck confetti on toast with currants & chilisaus 5. Calf filet with chanterelles baked -parsnip -potato -carrot 6. Goat cheese honey grapes on rye crisp bread 7. vanilla ice cream with roasted pistasj nuts, dates & oatmeal cookie Grate meal & company Best way to celebrate a New Year with all your kids cheers
  6. Hi Cecil Yeah share, and they are estimating the pike in the video to be almost 10 kg, so you are right on the weight. But if you click on that red tape saying 39 lbs you will get to this great video (it has english subtitles) cut/paste : "Tolvan" or "The Biggun" is a pike fishing movie produced in Sweden during 2012 and 2013. Using the method float trolling we catch some of the biggest pikes in Sweden during these years. . cheers
  7. Hi CraigSS Welcome to APN/HQ cheers Edit: I saw your comment in Markor58's album he is located in Ecuador
  8. Hi I bet you would enjoy Swede style ice fishing BD cheers
  9. Happy New Year
  10. Happy Holidays to all of you from Norway cheers
  11. Hi again Won't hurt the fish (might even have a positive efect on stress when the water gets darker) I would use this dosage/method Quote : The other (and better) school of thought is to apply iron at the standard UVI system rate of 2mg/L every three weeks. cute/paste from here : cheers
  12. Hi billa Use the same fix cheers
  13. Hi Joshp44 Welcome to APN/HQ There is a 2015 price list in this link You should be able to get a price from any of these here cheers
  14. Hey Andy,

    Here's a cast of one of your European perch (Perch fluviatilis) that I assembled and painted as an American yellow perch (Perca  flavescens).

    18 inches (45.72 cm). 



    1. ande


      Nice,  :bow:

       Where I fish them 8-10 inches is big, 12-14 huge and 18 unheard of


    2. Cecil


      Must be too cold up your way? I've heard of some really big ones in Russian and Eastern Europe. 


  15. Hi Found another one, last week Took me 2 hours to clean it propperly But it was a nice load to parboil End product 1,2 kg for the freezer A really nice flavour full mushroom yum yum cheers