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  1. Hi Martin, Our fish are in a galvanised tank but it has been aqua-plated making it safe for fish and drinking water.
  2. hi, has anyone got photos of native bees. We have little black and yellow striped fellows that seem to hover around the plants but are unsure.
  3. Hi all, I don't know the cost of hive from Russell Zabel (It's a small world I knew him when I was a kid and lived down the road) but my mum got a hive from Nambour and it cost $125. She is at Caloundra and they came and set it up for her and even came back and changed the site because the hive was getting too much heat. As far as I know their doing well for the past 12 months.
  4. Kevin that sounds fine. At Hervey Bay our tank water is staying in the 26 degree range at the moment, not going any higher or lower.
  5. Hi Kevinand Tracey, we have not been doing this for long but you are welcome to come and see ours at Hervey Bay and Ken and Val at Tiaro sth of Maryborough are always keen to show theirs. Marilyn & Tony
  6. Hi, My older birds have this problem with shredded paper but I keep on top of it by checking each day. My baby birds I have running on cheap sandpaper so that they can grip with out slipping and sliding in the brooder. Also keeping their pens well cleaned everyday or two helps lower the problem. I always seem to be up to the elbow in quail poop. Just what I want to be doing after a day at school. But hey...... someone has to do it and if it makes my girls happy they lay me more eggs.
  7. Another question, what is a reasonable price to get for 12 quail eggs for general purpose. The asking price online seems ridiculously high at $15 for fertile eggs but I have a restaurant and several other people wanting eggs. Currently they are offering $2.40doz. Any thoughts, don't want to chase away prospective buyers.
  8. Quail success, Just letting everone know that quails we got as two week old babies back in mid August are laying well and are now parents. I borrowed an incubator and set 36 eggs to hatch from tomorrow,Thursday. After 16 days we had babies hatching and still more coming. So far we have 21. Which is far more than I was hoping for. Some have splayed legs (3) and club feet. Does anyone have a known reason for this problem. They are like this as soon as they hatch. Could it be that they have taken too long to hatch and dry out in the shell as I helped one out this afternoon and it's one foot was actually stuck to the inside of the shell. Bye Marilyn.
  9. Hi Brett the stone that you are using is it what they call Emerald gold. It looks like reddy orange quartz and when washed is just a quartzy stone. If it is the same stuff can I ask what price you pay for it and where do you get your supply, Here in the Bay they charge $220 a cu m but Tony when he gets to Emerald with turf has seen the same stuff for $90 m. He has heard that it is cheaper though straight from the quarry. Also have you heard of a place near Emerald that mines scoria. Thanks for any info Marilyn.
  10. Saw this vacuum cleaner at bunnings today for about $46.
  11. Thanks, Ijust love chokos and will cook up a pot of them just for myself with lashings of butter. In the supermarkets up here they have been over $5 a kilo so we haven't been having them at that price. I've tried growing them in the ground but they never wantd to grow very well. Yes, Gary I cook them with fresh pears in sugar water and then you can't taste the difference. I have also heard that commercially they do this as well and sell the cans as pears with no mention of the substitute.
  12. Hi all, has anyone tried growing chokos. I thought I would try by growing in a corner of a gb and letting it vine out on a rope trellis so it would be in full sun. Thanks Marilyn.
  13. Hi everyone, was talking about chillers at our hydroponics meeting today. Do you know if a chiller that has a flow of 2000lt/hr would be sufficient in cooling a 2000lt tank cool enough to raise trout year round. We are at Hervey Bay. The chiller is an aquaone cs250 costs 16.5 cents to run for 5 hours. the tank would be fully insulated and well aerated.
  14. Hi Lillian, I was worried like you that the quails would be very flighty and diffiicult to manage to get the eggs and clean their pens. My biggest problem is getting them to move away while I attempt to vacuum up their pens. They constantly sit on my hands and move to the doorway to lookaround. We also use the shredded paper as they love to hide and pretend they are in long grass. This in turn makes great compost for our no-dig gardens.
  15. Thanks for that ff but Dale is meant to be getting Barra fingerlings for me. They love the warm water.