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  1. Nelson is back as SWEETCORN now I see! wwwDOTtaiwanaquaponicsDOTcom webDOTtaiwanaquaponicsDOTcom e-mail goes to. . . . Chris Leon!! Behold another attempt to belittle anyone who dares to question his methods and motives. Get rid of him altogether and let his AP endeavours in Taiwan stay in Taiwan! Cheers IanK
  2. Yep, I no wat ya meen! sicks munce aggo i coodant ephen spel Injunear, now i ar wun!! IanK
  3. Unless you feed each GB with equal amounts of Nutrient water from your FT, the plants in the top GB would benefit from all of the available nutrient and thus lessening the amount available to the next GB in line, and so on . . . then your bottom (cascade) GB would be left with what was left over, ergo: less or NO nutrient, could be Zero when you think about it! regardless of the Plant harvesting height etc. Cascading Nutrient Supply shouldn't really work if you wish to provide each GB with similar amounts of nutrient to acheive plant growth. Each of my Grow Beds, at different heights, receive the same flow directly from the Fish Tank, not cascading from the higher to the lower, and both discharge directly back to the Fish Tank. My additional GB's will be again supplied "directly" from the FT seperately, not cascading, to ensure similar quantities of nutrient to each GB, regarless of GB height. Your idea of "harvesting" heights is excellent and acheivable as well as being one of the great benefits of AP and is obviously one of the proven advantages of AP culture. Cascading of GB's is yet to be really tested and logically adopted because of linear nutrient uptake for the "size" of the system. Let us know how you go if you try this "cascade" system and we may all do it!! Cheers IanK
  4. Do you mean he has become a Grimm's fairy tale or an Ogre under the bridge? I don't really get cryptic things. I'm not very smart. What ever . . . Congrats on becoming a valued contributor and a Gary appointed "Moderator' Just between you and me . . . . I will allways try to positively contribute whenever I can . . . from my own experiences, even though I may have offered some advice before I actually experienced something in direct doing!. . . . as Gary has previously suggested (and correctly so!) that I may have done in the past. That being said, I still enjoy designing and offering solutions from a completely "theoristic" as well as an "practical" point of view. However, . . . all of my opinions, ideas, designs and options are based on my "external" and past professional and personal expertise and "perceived" skills. I will never detract from proven fact, nor disregard fresh ideas. As Mark Antony said " Show me I am am wrong in fact and I will gladly adopt what you believe!" Cheers Ian K I'm a bluddy good draftsman, very handy with my hands and tools and enjoy building and fabricating.
  5. What about that lovely fellow Nelson? Wasn't he in Taiwan? I thought Gary would at least have made him a Immoderator!! Cheers IanK
  6. Thanks gaz. I know what you're saying and have tried to apply those very (researched) design principals and (no) maintenance regime to ensure sucessfull operation. I have come across various descriptive terms for the "principal": Tantalus, Bell, Auto and Intermitent syphon actions, regardless of the multiple amendments and variation parameters; bell mouth or reducing outlets, Looped outside or inside, (it's really just an upside down Bottle trap!) and elbows or vertical drops! I must have really just struck it lucky with the syphon/s design and construction because they really have worked absolutely reliably for 18 months. The new(er) one in the IBC conversion system has really only been operating for about 6 months without interuption. Drops straight down into the fish tank without bends etc. I can see the biofilm build-up, but it seems to get to a certain point and then settles or doesn't seem to build up any further. It only changes the cycle time by a couple of minutes on my reckoning, and they seem to handle that increased/reduced flow without any other problems. And I also love that satisfying gurgle and suck each time they finish the cycle. Cheers mate, Ian PS; OK, I'll keep my Red Bellied Blacks for myself. Jan can rest easy?
  7. I'll send you a couple of Red Bellied Blacks, Jan, we have a few of them around! (a Very pretty reptile) They actively kill Browns. I have noticed a bit a general snake movement as we approach winter and after the floods, the Carpets are shedding and the Red Bellies are on the move. So, I'm not suprised at the Browns being on the move as well. Our Dobbie has a taste for the poor little Whip snakes and here I was thinking they would be too quick for a dopey Doberman! Not on your nellie. Cheers IanK.
  8. Yes, and by my reckoning you owe me 180,000 pounds! for each of three syphons. Cheers IanK
  9. Hi Nelson, correct! As I said, a rose by any other name! and they still work after 18 months. Have a look at the attached explaination of Tantalus etc. If you look close enough at the handle of the Tantalus Drinking Mug, I'm sure you will call that a "bell" syphon, or 'siphon' as it were. Just as we have different spelling, we have different names for exactly the same things. http://www.kleinbottle.com/Tantalus.html The Wine glass tantalus is just an internal "Loop" syphon, it could have been outside the glass and still works just the same. A lot of people use this sort of syphon on their Barrel systems. The so-called "Bell" syphon is only named that because of the shape of the external air-tight ciovering tube. The diving "bell" is named for the same reason, a "Bellmouth" is also named because of it's shape being reminiscent of a Bell. Nothing more, nothing less: just semantics and tradition. (But not a "Bellhop"! they only come on the hop from a bell ring at the reception desk!) The principle remains the same. Shape is the determining/naming feature; Bell Chilli, Bell flowers, etc. etc. Anyway, that's not my point in this discussion; my point is that your perception and statement of "Fact", that "all" Bell syphons cause troubles is too general and not correct. Cheers; Ian K
  10. Hi

    Cliff, I have my fish tank under the house, on the south side, it never really gets direct sunlight . The fish haven't suffered and I have never had an Algae problem. Charge ahead! Cheers IanK
  11. Hi Nelson, In my limited understanding, a "Bell" siphon is a form of a Tantalus siphon, as is a "Loop" siphon and a so-called "Afnan" Siphon. They all work on the Tantalus principle regardless of what they are named by all and sundry. Anyway, the Afnan siphon is just a "bell mouth" discharge entry to the siphon tube by another name which has been incorporated to the Tantalus principal. I have an air break tube to my siphons which is just another add-on to try and improve the operation under actual site conditions. Any form of automatic starting and stopping of the siphon action is a Tantalus siphon to me. A rose by any other name and all that! Now, I didn't say the siphons I use are perfect, just that they have worked from day one without any problems of stopping or starting. I sized them by using a gravity pipe discharge chart (which are freely available from any pipe supplier) and by calculating the timing of approx 15 minute cycles whilst allowing for the fish tank volume to be "turned over" at least once an hour. Using this data, I drew the design I wanted and then constructed it. When in operation, I must have not allowed for some parameter because the siphon cycle didn't operate at 15 minutes, it operated at 12 minute cycles, which I thought was close enough. They are still operating at 12 to 13 minute cycles some 18 months later, so I must have done something right. Here are some photos without the external 100mm diameter media shroud and cap and a JPG of the drawing as you requested. I can post you some Autocad drawings of the dimensioned design if you wish but didn't want to waste your time if you can't use them. Cheers Ian K
  12. Nelson, Another fact is , I have been running my (airtight and correctly sized) Tantalus siphons for about 18 months now, definitely not in a Lab, without any problems what-so-ever! I'm glad they can't read about them failing all the time, they might get bad ideas!!! Cheers IanK.
  13. I saved my Silver perch (20) Goldfish (6) and Sleepy Cod (25) that were without power for 6 days in their 1000L systems by doing twice daily 25% water changes. Siphoned out 25% and topped up with tap (Mains) water. Because of the gradual change in water type i.e. pH, Cholrine etc., they survived without a great deal of stress. I lost 2 'runt' Silver Perch on the first day, but all the rest have survived. The small 12V bilge pump hooked up to the Power Stream Venturi worked of the charged Car Battery for 30 hours! Not bad for a short term Aeration back-up! All back to normal with the mains power back on. Getting some Jades on Thursday for the IBC system. Cheers IanK
  14. Gaz, I'm honoured and humbled to be afforded the naming status from a Master of innovation and expertise! My "SludgeVac" is still being effectively used for cleaning up those "dead" spots in the main FT and the small "fingerling" tank with the Sleepy Cod in it. They don't stir up much sediment because they are really lazy in the tank! Kelen, I'm now putting a bit of "Dacron" fibre material on top of the bucket (supported by a bit of 12mm square ss mesh) to capture most of the "solids" sucked up by the unit and then returning the "clean" water to the FT. And, yes, Gary, I'm still on the Dark side of letting the GB media do all of the dirty work of Solids removal and treatment directly from the FT! But I have a very low stocking Rate. 6 Large (200mm) Gold Fish, 25 (40mm to 50mm) Silver Perch and 6 small Bristle Nose Catfish (why do they always make me smile when I see them?) in the 700 odd litre Mega Bin, plus 100 litre Fingerling tank (with the Sleepies) over. I'm finding that the 90mm diameter vac tube is a bit hard to hold down in the 800mm deep tank, so a 65mm diameter sounds good!! Cheers IanK
  15. Hi Gaz and Kath, We have a Composting Toilet in the new extensions (I don't remember if I showed it to any of you at our Xmas gathering, I was too upset about losing the fish if I recall!!). It is a Centrex 2000 produced by Sunmar and distributed here in Oz by Nature Loo http://www.nature-loo.com.au/toilets/SYSTEMS/centrex2000afne.html This system is a continuous composting system with the end product being emptied on the garden about every 6 months. It just takes a couple of turns of the handle every couple of days to operate the unit. No smells (continuously fan vented down through the pedestal, through the unit and out above the roof) and just takes a handfull of fibrous Peat or similar every "now and then" if you get my drift, and it works fine. It is completely waterless save for a little used for cleaning as required. All liquid waste is evaporated by a heated blanket in the base of the unit. Any excess liquids are overflowed to an underground rubble trench (hasn't happened yet) Funny thing was, at the time of installation, Brisbane City Council was giving rebates for installing half flush toilets that supposedly saved water, but wouldn't give us the rebate even though we installed a loo which used no water? Go figure!! Cheers IanK