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  1. Thanks for the breakdown Crusty. I'll check on the kw costs. Do you know of an inexpensive and safe way to heat a hoophouse- a pvc framed structure with UV resistant polyethylene plastic covering? This seems to be the least expensive structure I can find to house my system. Does anyone raise yellow perch? I was told they are a relatively easy to raise colder water fish, what temperature water do they need to thrive? Maybe I could raise them in the winter months & tilapia in the summer-any ideas? Hey, should I start a thread for all my questions or is it ok to continue here? I don't want to be too much of a burden on anyone! Thanks again, Pam
  2. Crusty, I'm sorry for not being specific on the temperatures! I was talking Fahrenheit, so in the winter temps usually range from -12 c to -3 c much too cold for tilapia unless there's a heat source of some kind. I don't know how expensive it would be to run a pond heater continuously for a few months. I'm curious how others keep their tilapia tanks warm in winter if they are not kept in their homes, are people heating the greenhouse/shelter itself or what? Thanks, Pam
  3. Hi Crusty, I haven't set-up a system yet. I'm trying to figure out what will work for me here in NW Arkansas. I want to grow vegetables for me & my 2 teen children and raise tilapia if possible. I realize I'll have to put up some type of greenhouse or other structure to house the system and I'm researching the very cheapest option out there. Hoophouses seem like a good idea but I don't know how or if they can be heated safely in the winter. We get temperatures down below 10 degrees regularly I've been told-last year we got to 4. I've only been here since last fall but everyone says last winter was not the norm, but I need to plan for the worst possible conditions. I was considering using an IBC which is around 275 gal. for the fish tank or I may end up going with a couple 55 gal barrel systems, I don't know yet. I'm really concerned with keeping the water warm enough for tilapia so I'll probably build a system around whatever will be cost effective to do that. The person who suggested the 1500 watt pond heater has a 1000-1200 fish tank -I think. I might have to raise tilapia in the summer & find a food fish that can take lower temp. water for winter. I really want to maintain my system year around. Any help or suggestions on which way to progress will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Pam
  4. Thanks for the input concerning tilapia over the winter months. Someone recommended using a 1500 watt pond heater in a tank for the winter-is that feasible? Would it use too much electricity? Is the only option for year-round tilapia a heated structure? Kellenw, I'd be very interested in your post on indoor winter breeding of tilapia, especially if it is practical & productive, my only concern would be the amount of space required as I reside in a small home. Can you recommend any other hardy food fish that can withstand colder temperatures that I could raise for my winter "crop"? I'd really like to keep my aquaponics system in production all year. Thanks for all your help! (I apologize if my questions are ridiculous-I've been reading through the forum & haven't found the answers yet!) Pam
  5. My name is Pam and I'm researching aquaponics systems and trying to decide what's the best option for me. My major concerns are building an inexpensive greenhouse or shelter for my system because of the freezing winters we have here. I need a cost effective way to heat the shelter since I plan on raising tilapia and I know they need consistant warm water. I'd like to utilize solar for heat if possible. I realize I have alot to learn before I begin!