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    I have two IBC totes used in my aquaponics setup. Minnow fish, blue nile talapia snails, clams, and shrimp. Only the fish and veggies are for eating. I try to do everything a bit different, as long as it makes sense. Recently I have made an underwater camera to share my system with others.
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    Programing and hardware, integrating digital fun into aquaponics.

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  1. Oh dear, I forgot to include the port number. This should work now. I couldn't see how to edit my post. O.o
  2. Hey all! The word around town is that this forum has a lot of good advice (unlike some others online). I decided to make an account today. I have cobbled together a twin IBC tote aquaponics system in my side yard. It's a great hobby, but wanted to share it with other people. I'm sure all my friends are sick of hearing about it by now, except those I have managed to infect with the aquaponics bug. I try to do everything a bit different, as long as it makes sense. Here is an outline of what I have setup Two IBC totes, 330gal and a 275gal. The larger tote has the top cut off, and serves as the main fish tank. The bottom half of the smaller 275gal tote works as my grow bed. The top half of the smaller tote is mounted on top of the larger tote, with water draining down from the center cap. I use the "top tank" for raising minnows, which the bottom fish eat. I raise fairy shrimp in a section of the top tank, which the minnows eat. About 20 clams live in the bottom fish tank for filtering Somewhere around 10 amano shrimp are mixed in each tank, including the grow bed. If you want to see the minnows, I built a little monitoring interface with a raspberrypi and some coding (my day job has me online most of the time). Check it out if you would like to, and thanks for existing so that I could find this forum!