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    I have been an electrician for the last forty years, and have always been interested in growing plants. I first heard about aquaponics about six years ago, and I was really amazed at the concept when I saw it on the internet. After seeing it for the first time, it just rang hard inside me, as everything about the process just made so much sense I had to pursue more information about this process. After a falling out from my family business I decided I was going to make Aquaponics my life. I tried to find out more and wanted to take a course to find out about the process, but could not find anything local, so my wife and I decided to go to Denver and take a course from JD. and Tawnya Sawyer from Colorado Aquaponics. This course was directed at every aspect of an aquaponic business, with an emphasis on actually building a basic system that could support a small system commercial design. we found this course to be very informative on all aspects of aquaponics.
    We own a 1960's vintage school that is constructed almost completely of brick and block and thought this would be a great place to try and build a commercial facility, so we could grow healthy food 12 months a year in our Canadian climate.
    About a year after the Denver course we found a course within 2hrs of us, so we decided to take this course to give us some Canadian insight into this very new process.
    We have been trying to convert the school property to an Aquaponic farm for three years now and still do not have a building permit to date. It seems our Province and our Township have NO regulations in place for Urban Agriculture, but indicated at the time I was a little ahead of the curve. After three years there are still no Provincial regulations on Urban Agriculture. In spite of this we have plodded ahead to install a system within the building without a building permit as most of the work has not needed any structural alterations.
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    Real Food, that everyone has access to.

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    Peterborough,Ont. Canada
  1. Hi Everyone just trying to grow year round Thanks Cosmo